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The world of erotic fiction has undergone such a renaissance in recent years as more and more authors are both publishing and self publishing their works. I was aware that with Kindles and E-books this genre was growing rapidly and offering such a wealth of quiet, often hidden pleasure to both the authors and its ever-growing readership, all keen to immerse themselves within a culture of hot bedded lust and passion. However, when I first starting looking at this category of fiction, I had no idea how vibrant and established it really was and how compelling it could be, but the use and pace of language was engaging and I quickly knew how powerful it could be if both the written word was entwined with the visual scene. So my task was set to source erotic writers who would be willing to work with me on my venture and offer an extra dose of pleasure to my films.

To date we have 3 published stories all with a very different tone, style and approach to our films. The first by Rebecca Sherwin who collaborated with us on Lift Kiss is a tale of a hot encounter with a racy pace. Her previous work is Second Chance Hero offering all the ingredients of lust, passion, jealousy and all consuming love to create a story that runs over time. Saffron Sands who collaborated on Plaything for me, a tale of a cheeky sexy distraction enjoyed one morning by a successful older women who ensures she enjoys him for her pleasure. Sands is an avid writer with a string of novels to her name and a book of erotic short stories entitled Free Erotic Shorts. Our story of this week is by AM Harding another author of a sizzling tales with his recent collection of 7 short stories entitled A Taste of Erotica. He has produced a piece for our film Two Wet, sets the scene for the film and explains her fantasy of being with a man she has lusted for until one morning aroused their chance encounter happens and she seizes her chance of pleasure.

These stories will continue to flow as I am already working with and liaising with many other authors to bring more life and excitement to our films, there are many naughty tales and encounters to reveal, so to keep watching and enjoying the full stories, remember to subscribe by clicking JOINME and become part of my fabulously naughty club.

Loves Anna x


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