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To celebrate the launch of my new site and blog, I thought it would be a good idea to share the first of many naughty stories I had specially commissioned to accompany the fabulous film I shot in Prague last year. I am so excited to have reached this point as now have over 30 films ready for publishing in coming weeks, all of which are being accompanied by erotic stories such as this that will be written by a selection of leading erotic authors providing you with a continual naughty dose of erotica. I do hope you will enjoy and support me on my journey by becoming a member of my elite little club. Loves Anna xx JOINME LIFT KISS – The Story The jazz band croons in the background of another mundane cocktail party. It’s all part of the job of the assistant – attend the same parties, see the same faces. I still had to remind my boss who was who and now he has disappeared to network; to be ‘seduced’ by those in attendance who fail to see past the multiple university degrees and three-piece Prada suit. I drain the last of my vodka martini and head to the pre-paid bar for another. I stop in my tracks when I feel eyes on me. I scan the hall to find them and my gaze locks with the most successful and influential man in the room. He too has multiple university degrees, countless titles after his name and his powerful body is encased in a tailor-made black suit that makes me weak at the knees. But it isn’t the education, the name or the three-piece that I’m thinking about. No; as his enchanting eyes take in my body, sheathed in a gold and black short tasselled dress and his mouth curls up into a satisfied smile, it’s the mind-blowing sex and the physical prowess I know he possesses that makes me lick my lips and sway on my feet. He nods and tips his glass to me and turns back to the crowd surrounding him, waiting for him to charm them. I stay long past my contracted three hour attendance to watch the man, who is twelve years my senior, dominate the party with his charm, wit and knowledge that extends far past his area of expertise. He hasn’t looked back at me once, so I drain the last drop of my vodka martini and leave the party. The lift opens and I step inside, illuminating the button for my floor. A large hand comes out to stop the doors closing and he joins me inside, casting an appreciative look from my heel clad feet to the dark silky hair that frames my face. He presses the button for his floor and opens his mouth to speak but I silence him with my lips on his, something I’ve fantasised about doing for a long time. One of the straps of my dress falls from my shoulder, exposing the milky white skin of my breast and the rosy nipple that aches to be touched. He obliges, nuzzling my flesh, and butterflies kisses over my hard areola. The lift sounds and I gasp at the thought of being caught with my back against the wall and his hands fisting my dress. We’re on my floor and he looks down at me with eyes that call to my lowered inhibitions and command me to stay. I say nothing as the doors close and he pulls me flush against him as the lift continues its ascent.  Our lips collide, our mouths roam, our breaths come in short bursts as he grows hard between us and the anticipation climbs with the lift. The lift arrives on his floor and we roll out; his hands are everywhere as he backs me towards the wall. I drop my bag and shove my hands into his jacket as he crashed his lips to mine. His tongue snakes out between my parted lips and my heart hammers in my chest as he devours my mouth. I slide his jacket down his arms and it joins my bag on the floor. He curls his hands around the straps of my dress and tugs them down, allowing my heavy tits to spring free. A growl erupts from deep in his throat; my dress pools at my feet and my arousal trickles from my drenched cleft as I step out of my shoes and dress. I hear his sharp intake and gasp as he moves down my body and catches a glimpse of my nipples; hard, pink buds crying out for attention. He dips his head and presses kisses to the valley between my breasts, his tongue swirling over my nipples; his hot mouth brings them to peak as the perspiration gathers on my skin and the torrent of burning desire builds in the depths of my core. A heart stopping smirk plays on his lips and my breath stops when he pins my hands to the wall above my head. Holding me where he wants me, his hard length against my stomach, he assaults my mouth once more and I taste the sweet salt of my flesh on his tongue. A sigh escapes my lips as he moves down my body, leaving my mouth swollen and deliciously attacked. My eyes roll back when I hear his stubble scrape against the material concealing my soaked pussy. He kisses me through the lace, inhaling my scent, evidence of my arousal as an inferno of heat pools in my stomach. He stands up quickly and thrusts his hand into my pants; I grip his shoulder and my jaw falls slack as he circles my clit, coating my swollen labia with slick heat. I cry out as he plunges two fingers into me and I buck away from the wall, but he holds me in place. His mouth is on mine, swallowing my moans as dexterous fingers fuck me hard and rough. His thumb coaxes my clit to swell, his fingers scissoring, stretching. My body is climbing, my head spins and I clutch his shoulder harder, squeeze his fingers harder and grind against his hand. Another growl vibrates through him; he slips out of me and rough hands turn me around. He holds his hand to the back of my neck and bends me over the chair next to us; the cold leather against my hypersensitive nipples, and the creak as my hips hit the arm make me shudder and I feel the effect trickle down my thighs. With one hand still on my neck, he tugs my pants down to my thighs and opens my legs with his knee. I prepare myself as I hear the unbuckling of his belt and the zip on his trousers, for the primal fucking I’ve craved since I first laid eyes on him. I swallow hard when I feel the tip of him against the entrance of my throbbing pussy, and keen softly as he teases me, stroking his engorged head over my lips. A drawn out moan escapes as I reach behind me, curl my hand around his gloriously thick shaft and push against him as he eases into me. He moves slowly and the sharp bite of pain as he fills me completely sends my body climbing instantly. He picks up speed, gripping my hips and pounds into me. My tits bounce every time flesh hits flesh and I take one in my hand, rolling my nipple between my fingers. I catch sight of a petite woman in the mirror behind the chair. Her eyes sparkle with lust, her lips are parted to accommodate short breaths and a moan every time she is thrust forward by the powerful man fucking her sweetly from behind. The woman in the reflection is me, and my skin is flushed and glistening with sweat, my breath catches as his balls hit my clit, swelling the nub until the need to touch and bring myself to orgasm is unbearable. I watch as the reflection throws her head back and cries a hedonistic cry of primal bliss. He curls over me, his thrusts short and fast, and covers my mouth with his hand to soften my moans; I smell myself on his fingers and my vision blurs with want. My body is coiled tight as he expertly fucks me to the edge of oblivion over and over, slowing when I’m about to explode and I growl my frustration into his hand. I feel his balls tightening, the tension in his abs, his legs shaking as his relentless pace takes its toll. He wraps his arms around me and stills, his thick, hot cock pulsing against my swollen vaginal walls and slides out. I sigh as I feel every long hard inch slip out of me and groan as another orgasm dwindles to a dull, aching desperation. He stands me up, turns me and presses me back against the wall. His chest heaves beneath his shirt and his eyes burn. He licks his lips as he gazes hungrily at my flushed skin, aching tits and the moisture glistening between my legs. He drops to his knees, taking my drenched pants with him and impatiently tears them from my feet. I see his cock bobbing under its weight as he grips the back of my knees. My body quivers and the blood roars in my ears as he buries his face between my legs and laps up what my pussy gives him; but his feasting is short and torturous, keeping me on the edge. He lifts my leg onto the arm of the chair, opening me up to him and an appreciative groan leaves through gritted teeth. His eyes darken as he rises slowly, his straining cock sliding between my legs and into where I ache for him with ease. I wrap my arms around him; I need this. I need to come. I need him to make me come. My back is against the wall, pinned by him as he plunges into me and I lose myself. I feel every inch, every stroke, every collision of his flesh against mine and I’m powerless to stop the coiling and tightening. I’m desperate for release. I dig my nails into his shoulders and my body shudders as I fall, coming violently and riding the crest of every wave he sends crashing over me, and my leg falls languidly from the chair. I’m satisfied and breathless as he sits me down on the arm of the chair, pulls out of me and wraps his hand around his cock, working his shaft with fervour. I lean forward and cup his balls, rolling them deftly in my hand as they tighten and the head of his cock swells. He hisses through his teeth, his body jerks and he stills as he spurts thick, hot cum over me. He squeezes my shoulder as he pumps every drop over my chest. It drips over my breasts and coats my nipples, dripping onto my leg. He sighs and rests his forehead against mine and we afford a few seconds to come down from the high. He takes a final deep breath, grabs my hand and pulls me through the corridor. We fill the hallway with laughter; from the thrill, from satisfaction and with the anticipation of what’s to come.   Written by Rebecca Sherwin, author of Second Chance Hero, or Twitter@RRSherwin   You will be THRILLED to know me and my small team are busy working as hard as we can to edits some amazing films we have shot over the last three months to bring you the most gorgeous cinematically produced naughty stories and films and erotica over the coming summer months…!! Its going to be HOT this year… Don’t miss a publication by JOININGME and my club today. Loves Anna x

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