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Hot night of passion with your best friend and his male lover

You’ve known Edward ever since you joined that pottery class, his handsome features and tall physique instantly drawing you in, only to leave you disappointed after he slipped his lover Don into conversation one afternoon.

But you still can’t stop your thoughts from imagining and eyes from wandering up and down his gorgeous body, teasing yourself every class with someone so completely off-limits. Watching from the corner of your eye as his large hands engulf the pottery, shaping the smooth putty deliciously slowly. 

You were their best woman at their wedding, you’ve seen their love for each other. Now, these two male lovers want you too. 

It’s Don’s birthday, and Edward wants to give him something special. Threesome porn. 

His special request is that he wants you. And them. For one night. 

You cannot wait to give Don his present, to finally be allowed to try what you’ve wanted for so long. Edward. You slip the stockings Don asked you to wear for the evening over your legs, pulling them high up your thighs before slipping into your stiletto heels. Its Don’s birthday and you can’t wait to give him his present. Edward’s present. Your present. 

Give in to your naughtiest desires in this new sexy audio porn story, of a delicious threesome between two male lovers and their close friend, for a hot night of birthday passion. 

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