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An alfresco shared hotwife fantasy

In this shared hotwife audio story, we witness the first time a man watches his wife fuck another man. How would it feel to have your cock slide into your lover’s wet pussy after someone else has just come inside her? It’s been a fantasy of this couple for a long time, and they finally make their dream a reality while on holiday in the sun. The long warm summer nights make for the perfect ambiance and thoughts of shared hotwife sex have them horny and ready share.

“I want to watch you,” I told her. “I want to watch you fuck another man. I want to see him make you come. I want to see him come inside you, and then I want to fuck you.”

She said she liked that.

Two men to focus on her, nothing but her. “And… I want to be outside.” She’d added to the imagined scene. “At dusk. That magic time just as the sun is setting. I want you to watch Henri fuck me on a big, dreamy bed outside.”

That was how I found myself disassembling our beautiful, white bedframe on the longest day of the year and manoeuvring it outside.

And now, as I put together our love nest in this perfect secluded meadow, she lifts to phone to call Henri…

Share in the anticipation of embarking on a new phase in a marriage as Ridge and Jenifer open up their world to allow new lovers in. This is a beautiful erotic scene where our couple bring two fantasies together—alfresco sex and a threesome in the form of an outdoor shared hotwife scene to tantalise and tease.

Written by FrolicMe author Trip Flemming, this aural audio sex story perfectly complements the erotic film, Watch Night Fall, brought to you in full cinematic quality by Anna Richards to enhance your erotic experience.

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