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Voyeurism on the beach sex audio story

Welcome to the wonderful world of our daring naked young lovers as they embark on some unexpected public beach sex in full view of an older couple.

This is an erotically charged audio porn story to sweep you off your feet and into pure fantasy as you share in the illicit naughty adventure of Chris and Anya on their secret summer fling.

Sometimes the chemistry just catches you completely unawares, which is just what happens to Chris when the sudden opportunity for some public beach sex literally comes his way.

“Come on Chris,” she announced. “You can’t wear clothes on this beach.”

And with that, she stripped completely and helped me unfasten my belt. She seemed eager, freeing the buckle swiftly and slipping my shorts off with a flourish. I was partially erect, and a thin line of pre-cum started to dribble between my legs. Anya smiled at the sight of it. No kidding. She didn’t ignore it or make fun of it. She just gave a super cheeky smile.

Once naked, we ran into the sea. After the heat of the walk, the cool water was so welcome. I just couldn’t read the situation. Was she suggesting we fuck on the beach when she talked earlier? Or was she just stating the facts? Did she even fancy me?

Anya led the way out of the water, and I saw her take a look at my cock. It was harder than when we entered the waves…

Still unsure, the adventure continues when our saucy couple walk hand in hand back to shore only to witness an older couple having public beach sex unashamed and in full view of a camera. Listen in as this audio porn story becomes more flirtatious and find out what happens when lovers become so turned on they simply can’t control their sexy urges.

Written by FrolicMe author PJA Woode to complement the erotic film, Young Love, which you can view now in beautiful cinematic quality.

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