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A new lover encourages some wanton sex with a stranger

Lorna is one horny woman and finally meets a man who can match her ferocious libido and naughty desires. Lucky for Lorna, he also loves to share, and at last, she gets to fulfil a long-held sexual fantasy of having house party sex with a complete stranger.

He likes her to talk.

He demands that Lorna tells him about her other sexual encounters, whispers in her ear while they are fucking and wants to know what turns her on. His sapiosexual kink manifests in how he begs her to regale him in lurid detail of all the other men she has pleased and exactly how. She is so turned on by this; it’s so erotic, such a thrill being able to share her darkest lewd memories. In the past, she’s felt slut-shamed for admitting how much she yearns for a good hard pounding and how often she thinks about it. He encourages this and celebrates her for it; he doesn’t think she’s deviant.

He’s started to give her assignments, too, which she finds really naughty.

This week, she has a new mission—sex at a party. Now that he’s heard she will be all glammed up and going alone to the Summer Ball he has given his command; she must seduce a stranger and fuck a guy outside, preferably up against or over a wall. And of course, he wants her to tell him every single smutty detail afterwards…

Join Lorna on her very hot mission as she takes on the challenge with gusto.

Frolicme champions female desires and fantasies in all their glory, and this story of house party sex and exhibitionism was written by Annabel Bruges to complement the erotic film Summer Ball which you can watch in full cinematic quality. Made by Anna Richards to encourage your sexy adventures in story, film and audio.

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