Hot horny erotic story of two lesbians sharing a lover

I was eighteen when Lenya first touched me – and now, here I was, in the apartment I shared with both my hot horny lover Lenya and my boyfriend James, enticing sweet kisses up her delicate feet, sending shock waves of electricity up her body and telling her how much I wanted her with a slow, satisfying, erotic kiss on her pretty mouth. The thought of group sex dancing in the back of my mind. Lenya it seemed wanted me too – responding with firm but passionate kisses. Reaching to up to remove her top, Lenya bared her beautiful body and sensuous breasts to me in one smooth, tantalising move. She lay back on the sofa, her sultry eyes flicking their ‘come on’ gaze to me, that same seductive gaze she’d given to me all those years before, on our first night at University….

That night, I’d been so innocent; first time away from home, mixing with new friends in the student bar and trying to make good impressions. I hadn’t even noticed Lenya sitting alone on the edge of our group. But as the night wore on and I was hitting my third, maybe fourth beer, I began to feel the depth of her gaze boring into me. I couldn’t help but stare back. Her long, luscious raven hair the same then as it is now, gave her an air of mystery framing her delicate face, pretty but strong. Soon, Lenya began to smile at me, sultry smiles, with her gazes becoming longer and deeper. After a while, Lenya slipped past the rugged, sporty under-grad dude sat beside me and whose hand was now beginning to wander up my thigh. Lenya saw him as no competition at all. She eased herself between us, announcing that she wanted a private word with her ‘friend’. That friend of course was me. And as Lenya pushed back my hair to whisper huskily into my ear ‘I want you’ – I knew that the course of my evening had changed.

Lenya’s pussy was the first female sex I’d ever touched. First lesbian sex I’d ever had. Her clit as pronounced and provocative then as it is tonight. It’s always that first night that I think back to, the first taste of a woman, as my mouth automatically moves lower and my tongue begins to sweep over her pretty, swollen sex.... read the rest of this story please login or register to read the full story free.

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