Lesbian erotic story of girls’ treasured lovemaking time together

“I can’t believe we’re finally here!” Ria closed the door to their lovely room. She bent down to touch her toes, blond curls hanging loosely around her face and stretched the kinks out of her body.

Emylia opened the windows, allowing curtains to blow in the cool breeze. The sound of birdsong filled the air. She turned and admired Ria’s pose. Those long legs were her favourite feature. She couldn’t wait to feel them pressed on either side of her head. She loved to kiss and lick along their length, mapping every curve and hollow in her mind. She would run her fingernails along their sensitive skin as she swept her tongue up and down Ria’s slit, licking her pussy. The thoughts made her nipples hard, and she snapped out of admiring them long enough to hop on the bed. Girl on girl sex was so sensual, she’d easily loose hours dreaming about her lesbian lover. Her backside was happy to be resting on something softer than the MG’s seats. “It was worth the wait.” It had taken them the better part of three hours to get to the hamlet, or was it a village? She patted the king-sized surface. “Sit down.”

“I will,” Ria smiled. “But first I’m going to get comfortable.” She reached down to the hem of her blouse and pulled it over her head, revealing an expanse of smooth, creamy skin. Her bra was little more than two shells of lace held together by a suggestion of silk.

Emylia licked her lips and pushed a lock of brown hair behind her ear. She could see how hard Ria’s nipples were already since the gorgeous stems were almost poking through the material. “So, I guess we’re skipping the hike, then?” She stood and put her arms around her lover. Ria’s skin was still warm from her clothes.

“For now.” Ria kissed Emilya, her full lips slowly pressing against Emilya’s equally soft skin. Her tongue flicked out as she pulled away. “The mountains will still be there tomorrow.”

Emilya chuckled. “We don’t get to do this very often.” Emilya travelled extensively as a photojournalist and Ria was the Chief Information Officer for a group of adult entertainment websites. She pressed her lips against Ria’s neck, licking and sucking at the salty flesh there. The other women’s perfume filled her nose and made her light-headed. “It’s been almost two months.” She spoke against the now slightly damp skin, raising goosebumps on its surface.

Ria sighed, and there was a hint of a moan just underneath it. “Seven and a half weeks too long.” She leaned her head back, exposing more surface area to be worshipped.

Emilya’s nimble fingers undid Ria’s bra straps and pulled it from her shoulders. Leaning her head to one side, she pulled the right nipple into her mouth. Nearly as long as... read the rest of this story please login or register to read the full story free.

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  1. What a dreamy lovemaking session – all the feels, great pace and tasty love action. Hope that you’re coming back soon Sorcha.

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