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Ah my body was so wanting a horny feast, it felt alive and seeking. Surely I must be every boyfriend’s perfect welcome home offering I giggled to myself. Pleasure hormones were deliriously ravishing my body… a day of girl’s retail delights had triggered a powerful surge of an intoxicating high now mixing with the Prosecco bubbles at lunchtime resulting in a sexy dose of feminine horniness. I felt elated and wanted that feeling to continue as I enjoyed the sensation of having a wild streak of pleasure surging through me. Hmm I don’t care what he is doing I thought to myself, this girl is after more pleasure than he can give and he’s going to find me straddling his body so I can feel him and that monster cock of his deep inside.

I bundled through the door with my bags clanging by my side, keys rustling and jingling as I pulled them clear of the door lock. I was home at last but what a day. A perfect combination and by the looks of it not too missed I thought as I peered through the kitchen door to see a sexy naked bare torso reclined in front of a large flickering screen. Of course Saturday afternoon sport was the entertainment of his choice but I had other ideas on my mind. I called through.

“Hello you, hmm perfectly dressed for my welcome home I see?”

Without looking up he confirmed the pleasure of my arrival and in his TV focused tone tried to engage in conversation asking the necessary pleasantries about the girls and the time I had had.

Ah does he have no idea how horny I am feeling I thought, and my naughty inner vixen realised I was so ahead of him and he had some catching up to do. Sex, romantic sex, passionate hot fucking was fuelling my mind, distorting my thoughts, as I stepped further into the room.

Dropping my bags, I leant against the wall. The light of the TV flicking on his fit torso, those hours used up in a sweaty gym had certainly provided me with a very toned and highly desirable body to play with, with a slight tan of his I just wanted to touch the firm skin and powerful muscle tone feeling all that strength around me. Just scanning my eye down his body with lingering moments on his trousers sent an inner serge though my muscles. Oh my god, I already felt the need to clench my thighs together and squeeze that sensation through my pussy. Hmm horny girl so needing some sexy fucking I thought.

It was enough of a sensation to tempt my body to enjoy more and I let my fingers start to feel inside my blouse. There was no stopping me, opening up my blouse wide to reveal one of my favourite silk bras beneath. Smooth and feminine to the touch I slid my hands over my right breast tweaking the nipple to react with my fingers, before slipping it out, freeing its entrapment. Being so wanton felt good and I kept up the tease. My tight skirt was hitched up high allowing my legs the freedom to open themselves wide as I slid down the wall, crouching as I did. Now I felt his eyes upon me, leaving the screen to take in the new scene before him.

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“Oh baby, what are you doing to me?” he said.

“It’s what I am doing to myself,” I quickly said in reply as my hand started to pull aside my panties giving a waft of air onto my swelling clit. The reaction gave me just the sensation I hoped it would and I left my fingers start to feel over the wetness before my finger easily slipped briefly inside for more beautiful pleasure. I couldn’t help let out a little moan.

“Yeah I love to see what you are doing to yourself, fuck you look so horny, must have been a better result in those shops than I thought. Keep going, babe. Tell me what you want, talk to me. I want to make you feel good?”

I kept the pleasure riding through my pussy, head back before fully slumping to the floor.

“Oh god yeah, spread that pussy for me, feel how good you look,” he said. “Do you want my hands, let me slip my fingers and cock into that sexy pussy of yours?”

“Yes,” was all I managed to let out.

Getting up, I couldn’t get to him fast enough, my skirt hitched high, blouse fully undone, a slight sexy sweet scent I smelt on my fingers, my pussy tingling with attention.

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My lips fell immediately upon him, as I undone his bulging trousers to show just how aroused he had become, his cock springing forth, I wasted no time straddling him and catching my breath as I did. Needing to ease down slowly as the size and his volume filled my tight little hole.

“Oh baby, you never fail to surprise me with how much you fill me, ah I feel you in every millimetre of me.” I said, before he gradually started to lift my butt cheeks and ease them up and down his fabulous shaft, his strong arms flexing as he did, moving me like a little weightless object I was when with him. Ah the pleasure was extreme and so intense my fingers were just a gentle pleasure, this was a major force, the friction of which aroused every muscle connected with my pussy.

As my body moved more easily onto him he took up a pace, thrusting and bouncing my body on his, my moans grew and so did his. Pounding my cheeks with every inch he had. We shifted so I faced forward allowing his cock to rub back onto my sweet spot, there was no stopping his pace or stamina as he slammed his cock into me, my back arching with ecstasy. My body took the frenzied sensation building such intense delight, I wanted to cum but being on the edge gave me such a sensual wanting.

His cock now demanding my pussy be filled and pummelled and he slid the whole length of his body behind me, letting me feel his closeness as we lay side by side still engaging in a heady fuck feast.

Just when I thought I needed to cum, he pulled out to give me a few moments grace before taking the chance to tenderly let his mouth and tongue explore the my so throbbing clit and lips. They felt on fire but his soft but firm movements cooled as I lay back enjoying being in receipt of such attention. For all of his hard muscular torso, he still knew just how to be gentle and tender. I felt his tongue steer its way through my opening before gently sucking and flicking my clit. The heavenly feeling built up again until he knew I had to cum and is released from such ecstasy. Entering my pussy once more he, I felt the side of my pussy clench again as he took up the pace. My body needed little to reach such a powerful muscular force in me, shaking down the tops of my legs, I clenched hard wanting to control the feeling and I felt waves pump through me.

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“Ah, it’s so intense, fuck me, ah I can’t take any more.” I said struggling for any composure. At that moment I felt sticky warm fluid hit my stomach, flicking drops onto my torso and bra as he too let out a desperate moan.

“Oh baby, I love you fucking me like that,” he said.

“So when is the next shopping trip planned?” he quipped with rye smile.

“After all I want to make sure I’m watching the footie again!”


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