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Ah my body was so wanting a horny feast, it felt alive and seeking. Surely I must be every boyfriend’s perfect welcome home offering I giggled to myself. Pleasure hormones were deliriously ravishing my body… a day of girl’s retail delights had triggered a powerful surge of an intoxicating high now mixing with the Prosecco bubbles at lunchtime resulting in a sexy dose of feminine horniness. I felt elated and wanted that feeling to continue as I enjoyed the sensation of having a wild streak of pleasure surging through me. Hmm I don’t care what he is doing I thought to myself, this girl is after more pleasure than he can give and he’s going to find me straddling his body so I can feel him and that monster cock of his deep inside. I bundled through the door with my bags clanging by my side, keys rustling and jingling as I pulled them clear of the door lock. I...

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was home at last but what a day. A perfect combination and by the looks of it not too missed I thought as I peered through the kitchen door to see a sexy naked bare torso reclined in front of a large flickering screen. Of course Saturday afternoon sport was the entertainment of his choice but I had other ideas on my mind. I called through. “Hello you, hmm perfectly dressed for my welcome home I see?” Without looking up he confirmed the pleasure of my arrival and in his TV focused tone tried to engage in conversation asking the necessary pleasantries about the girls and the time I had had. Ah does he have no idea how horny I am feeling I thought, and my naughty inner vixen realised I was so ahead of him and he had some…

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