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Shae had always been the ringleader. Back during their university days, Shae was the one who’d always encouraged Marcella to trust her instincts, to follow her heart and dreams wherever they might lead. The pair became fast friends from nearly the moment they met in their first year World Poetry course.

Marcella would always remember spotting the elegant, deep-caramel beauty from across the lecture hall. As she looked back on it now, she had to admit that very first spark of admiration for her bright, young classmate from Senegal had a distinctly sexual edge. But in those days, the beautiful brunette’s sensuous appetites were still so vague and formless.

Since then, the two remained close friends despite their lives taking off in different directions, even different continents. Yet social media and international video calls allowed them to remain as close as ever, and when Marcella took the villa in Malaga, she invited Shae to come and stay as long as she possibly could.

“It’ll be like old times,” she told her beautiful friend, not fully understanding why her pulse was racing as that brief silence hung between them before Shae’s reply.

“Mmm, it sounds wonderful. And I’m dying to come and see you, but…” A brief hesitation contradicted her eager tone of voice.

“Is everything alright?” the brunette had asked, worried.

“Oh yes,” Shae purred. “Everything’s amazing. It’s just that I’ve been seeing someone. And it’s been…I don’t know…intense. I’d for you to meet him.”

Marcella felt a wave of both excitement and disappointment, but spending time with her best friend was all that really mattered.

“Hmm, he sounds interesting,” the brunette said curiously. “I suppose you’d better bring him with you, then.”

“Just what I was hoping you’d say,” Shae purred in a devilish tone Marcella had heard a hundred times before.

Shae and Joshua arrived four days after Marcella. The ride back to the villa from the airport was just the beginning of a beautiful reunion between friends, and Marcella couldn’t be happier. The moment she laid eyes on Joshua, she could see why Shae’s tone of voice had changed when she talked about him. He was handsome, with a strong, solid build, and almost snickered aloud when she realized she’d probably be spending the next few weeks listening to the sounds of her sensuous friend making outdoor love with the new man in her life during those sultry, Mediterranean nights.

When they got back to the villa, Marcella wasted no time in opening a bottle of wine as soon as her guests got settled into their room. On the plush grounds behind the house, the two women laughed and talked about old times. Joshua laughed along with them, but it wasn’t long before he tipped his wide-brimmed hat over his face and took a siesta after the long trip.

As always, Shae was irrepressible. She was as beautiful and full of energy as ever, and it wasn’t long before the excitement of their reunion brought Marcella and her to their feet as they began dancing.

The two must have danced together a hundred times before at the parties and nightclubs they’d gone to together during their university days. But now there was no one around but Shae’s slumbering boyfriend, and the two danced closer and closer together. Soon, the tips of their breasts were brushing against each other through the light fabric of their blouses.

Marcella felt the electric heat of contact with her beautiful friend, and she realized she wanted more…not only now, but that she’d always wanted more. The brunette felt the surface of her skin heat as she slid her smooth, bare thigh between Shae’s legs, shrouded by her friend’s long, billowing skirt.

Shae smiled knowingly at her friend, taking the brunette’s hand into her own. Marcella didn’t know who was drawing whose body closer. It was automatic, as if it were simply a natural part of the dance.

Within moments, Shae’s beautiful face was close enough that Marcella felt her friend’s breath against her lips. The kiss was inevitable. Unavoidable. And perfectly delicious.

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It wasn’t the first time Marcella had kissed another woman, but kissing Shae made those other few times seem like a game by comparison. She’d only ever kissed other women to tease eager college boys. The moment Marcella tasted her friend’s lips, the love they’d always felt for each other came crashing over them in an unstoppable wave. As their tongues came out to entwine and play, the playful hunger that had always existed between them burst into flame.

As their kisses grew deeper and more intense, the girls set their wine glasses aside and focused their attention completely on each other. They took each other’s face in their hands and kissed as if they were always meant to be lovers.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Shae whispered. “I’ve wanted you forever.”

Marcella could only smile and take more of her beautiful partner’s luscious mouth. Their kisses grew ever hungrier and deeper as they held each other close and let their hands roam freely over each other’s body. The heat burning up the brunette’s fine skin began to swarm and swirl within her aching core.

Even as they kissed and explored each other, their bodies kept moving to the dance, although the dance was becoming a constant swirl motion drawing the two closer and closer. Shae turned her back to the brunette and began playfully grinding her taut ass back against her friend. Marcella’s pulse raced as she reached around her friend’s body with both hand to explore her thighs through the light fabric of the skirt she’d been wearing since her arrival.

Shae covered Marcella’s hands with her own, following and guiding the other woman’s touch at the same time. Within moments, Marcella’s hands were lifting Shae’s skirt until her palms were touching those smooth, deep almond thighs. Almost instantly, the excited brunette felt her friend guiding her hands toward her pussy.

Marcella felt as if her skin were on fire, and Shae was suddenly facing her again, moving close for another deep, eager kiss. But almost as quickly, Shae’s confident hands were opening her friends scant shorts and pushing them down her shapely thighs. The brunette giggled softly and pulled Shae’s blouse over her head, lifting the flimsy garment off over her flowing ringlets of hair.

When they kissed again, Shae’s hands were moving freely over Marcella’s hips and ass, while the brunette couldn’t resist the intoxicating feel of the other woman’s mahogany-tipped breasts. She was so caught up in the moment she nearly forgot about the man Shae had brought along on her visit. What would Joshua think if he suddenly woke up and discovered his girlfriend beginning to make love with the old friend she’d brought him to meet? Just how deep did their relationship go? Would he accept a bit of light lesbian sex? Marcella knew there’d be time to satisfy all those curiosities later. For now, there was only one thing that mattered, and that was the taste and intoxicating heat of her beautiful friend.

Shae’s hand moved onto Marcella’s pussy and began eagerly massaging her, forcing the excited brunette to whimper and anxiously clutch at the firm, smooth spheres of the other woman’s ass. No matter what Joshua might have thought if he could see them, there was no turning back.

Somewhere in the midst of their ardent kisses and probing fingers, Marcella guided the other woman downward, until Shae was on the ground, leaning backward and opening her mahogany thighs. After satisfying her hunger for more of Shae’s hot kisses, Marcella found herself kissing her way down her friend’s smooth body until she was tasting her moist pussy.

She explored Shae’s aroused pussy with hunger and fascination, taking long, hungry swipes at her wet slit with her tongue and giving a probing massage with her fingers. At one point she paused to rise up and kiss the other woman again, letting her taste the sweet nectar of her own arousal. They were momentarily lost in their kissing, but Marcella was eager to taste more, and to hear more of Shae’s anxious moans of pleasure.

When the brunette slid her long finger into her special friend’s pussy, Shae’s moans intensified as her body nearly went rigid with feeling. Marcella kissed her deeply and fucked her pussy with graceful strokes.

Realizing her ass and pussy were dangerously close to Joshua, Marcella turned to make sure he was still sleeping. When she looked back at Shae, the two exchanged a knowing grin. The brunette turned to face her friend’s slumbering lover and began to undo his belt, opening his shorts to release his cock. Shae’s instant reaction was to encourage her friend and lover with a devious smile.

Marcella’s heart was racing as she began stroking and sucking on Joshua’s cock at the same time. Even barely conscious, his cock grew impressively hard and thick while the brunette covered every inch of his manhood with her tongue. And when Shae urged her thighs apart and began licking her pussy, Marcella could only purr with excited pleasure as she took Joshua’s imposing cock into her mouth.

Before long, the man tossed his hat aside, revealing to the women he was wide awake and aching for both of them. Marcella leaned up and kissed him while Shae continued exploring her pussy. The brunette couldn’t help wondering if Joshua had been her friend’s way of bringing a party gift to the villa.

Marcella realized her relationship with Shae would never be the same, but then she had to wonder if it had ever been exactly what she’d thought for so long.

After sucking Joshua’s cock a while longer, the brunette turned to face the other woman, kissing her again while Josha knelt behind her and drove his rigid cock into her pussy. The brunette clung eagerly to Shae while Joshua drove his cock into her aching pussy. Marcella didn’t know when she’d ever felt so blissful. The other woman was caressing and kissing her while the man she’d only met a couple of hours before was stroking his rod in and out of her pussy with forceful thrusts.

The brunette cried out, her mind spinning with a swarm of sensations. It seemed all too soon when Joshua withdrew, but Marcella was soon moving onto her back, Shae lifting her skirt to straddle her face while Joshua took up his position between her open thighs.

Marcella began lapping hungrily at Shae’s pussy while she leaned down to suck Joshua’s cock before taking him in her hand and guiding him back into the brunette’s core. She felt the power of both her lovers’ desire while the man steadily fucked her and the woman drove him to strain harder and harder.

Once again, Shae pulled Joshua’s cock from Marcella’s pussy to suck, tasting the brunette’s nectar coating his throbbing flesh. He drove back into the other woman’s pussy once again, fucking her until she was moaning heatedly into Shae’s core, but Shae was soon moving out of her position to straddle Marcella’s hips.

“I’m afraid you’re just going to have to share that cock,” she purred, leaning down to kiss the brunette while Joshua pressed his cock into her pussy. Group sex was always a tangle of passions and desires.

Joshua kept fucking her while she and Marcella kissed and held on to each other harder than ever before. Eventually, Shae moved off to the brunette’s side, their man moving with her. He continued pounding his thick cock into her pussy while she massaged Marcella’s slit, and the hot, hungry kisses were shared between all of them.

After giving Shae’s pussy a thorough fucking, Joshua was soon moving between Marcella’s thighs again, sliding his cock back inside her. Shae kept kissing more and more passionately the harder and faster he fucked her friend. Marcella was beside herself. Joshua was driving into her with a force she felt he would barely be capable of without Shae there beside him, spurring him on.

Finally, the strain of holding out was more than Joshua could take. After a maddening flurry of thrusts, he pulled his cock free of Marcella’s pussy and stroked a dizzying eruption of cum onto her smooth, flat belly.

In the aftermath, Joshua leaned back, lying down to catch his breath while the two women smiled and gently caressed each other.

“I told you you’d love it here,” Marcella sighed.

Shae giggled softly, playfully kissing the brunette. “Oh, I believed you, trust me. But what you didn’t know was just how much.”

Marcella couldn’t help but laugh, knowing her beautiful lover was right. And if this was how the first few hours were, the next few weeks were sure to change her life.


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