Husband organises hotwife fantasy for wife to fuck a stranger

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“Remember, Nikki, you’re not being unfaithful if your husband watches.” Nikki was sitting on the edge of a strange bed, in a strange hotel room, wearing nothing but lingerie and a blouse as she waited for a strange man, but for a moment, with her husband kneeling before her, staring into her eyes, she felt at ease. Almost. Reaching out, Nikki touched Carl’s face, sliding her fingers through his soft, familiar beard. Flecks of grey had turned it salt-and-pepper, but Nikki liked the look. This man only got more handsome as he got older. “We’re really doing this, aren’t we?” she said. Her nerves were back, leaving Nikki shaking and jittery as adrenaline raced through her. She took a sharp, heady breath, as her husband did the same. He said, “Only if you still want to.” Nikki’s lips curled up before she could stop herself. She wanted to. She really wanted to. It riddled her with guilt and left her...

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feeling like a terrible wife and mother, but she really wanted to. The look of hunger that passed across his wife’s face sent excitement stirring in Carl’s gut. Everything about what they were about to do came with a rush—from watching her roll her black thigh-highs up her legs, to helping her shave her pussy into a neat, cropped wedge, to making love one last time last night before she gave herself to another man—but seeing how into it Nikki was topped all of that. She wasn’t doing this just because he wanted her to. She wasn’t just entertaining his fantasy. At some point along this improbable journey from wife to hotwife, his fantasy had become hers as well. “I want to,” she said, colour leaping to her cheeks. She cast her eyes down, batting her long lashes as she…

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