Erotic tale of Felicia giving into her desires for her stepson

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One  Felicia Why does he have to be so damn hot? Felicia stood in her opulent bedroom, one manicured hand clutching the fine drapery and the other pressed to the glass as she gazed down at Colin from the window. Her stepson was bent over, stretching for his run, ass firm beneath his sweats. From this angle, she could see how the material hugged his balls. Her pussy grew wet just imagining what it would be like to squeeze them. They wouldn’t feel anything like David’s. She just knew it. No, whereas her husband’s sagged in a most unattractive way, Colin would have taut, heavy balls. They would be a handful. She wouldn’t be able to fit them in her mouth all at once, but if she— “Stop it,” she told herself in a shaky voice, turning from the window with a pained expression. Her inner conflict—the same exhausting battle she fought every day—was almost enough to bring her to...

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tears. David didn’t deserve this. He wasn’t a bad husband. He didn’t abuse or neglect her. She wanted for nothing. Well, that was a lie, wasn’t it? She wanted her stepson Colin like she wanted her next breath. Like she needed her next breath. And didn’t that feel like its own betrayal. Hugging herself, she walked over and sat in the oversized reading chair, tucking her legs under her. She’d married David, a sixty-five-year-old neurosurgeon, four years ago after he’d operated on her mother, removing a tumor and ultimately saving the woman’s life. Felicia had been indebted to him and readily agreed when he’d asked her to dinner. As her mother’s primary caregiver, Felicia had been thirty going on crazy cat lady, and he’d been rich, handsome, and kind. They’d had a whirlwind romance brimming with jewelry, luxurious hotels, and…

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