Beautiful woman pleasures herself in the snow with the JeJoue ‘Amour bullet’

This is a beautiful erotic movie focusing on the joys of solo sex as a woman masturbates to orgasm with the use of her new bullet vibrator. Dressed in a bright orange woollen jumper and matching lingerie set, Selva walks along the snow-covered balcony with a glorious backdrop of Alpine trees behind her. The fun of being outdoors in the snow is not lost on her as she takes a moment to seek some sensual pleasure.

Flicking handfuls of the delicate snowflakes into the air, Selva throws her head back and laughs. Then quickly sucking her cool fingers in her hot mouth, she squeezes her breasts together, rubbing her hands over her body. She cocks her hip to the side and closes her eyes as she slides her chilled fingers over her smooth torso and up under her jumper.

Seemingly lost in a moment of personal pleasure and taking the benefits of cold water therapy to new heights, Selva pushes her icy fingers into her sheer orange panties. Finding the contrasting heat between her legs, she revels in the moment, diving her snow-drenched digits into her gloriously full bush, giving herself over to the shocking temperature extremes.

This stunning woman masturbates with no apologies or inhibitions as she displays her gorgeous body to the wilderness, just simply being at one with her own arousal. With goosebumps peppering her tummy and her fingertips dancing over her clit, Selva needs more intensity and reaches for the JeJoue amour bullet vibrator.

A deliciously flirty erotic film of the joys of some cheeky quick self-pleasure as we watch how a woman masturbates to that heavenly O. We hope you enjoy watching the delightful Selva pleasure herself before a snow-capped mountain valley.

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