Woman enjoys having a sensual orgasm alone

We love creating beautiful porn for women that explore women’s sexuality. It’s no surprise that women are enjoying watching visual pleasure as much as men. Yes, women are admitting to watching more and will watch for longer too. It’s not the nature of seeing sexual imagery within a film but more often the quality and nature of how that sex is depicted that is the differing factor. But one thing is for sure, women enjoy sex too and enjoy a sensual orgasm alone.

Women also are becoming far more open to engaging in the sexual fantasy of watching sex as well as the importance of self-pleasure and female masturbation.

Here at Frolicme, we want to embrace beautiful porn for women that reflects our interest and desires for how we enjoy sex. This can either be alone or with a partner. It can also be with the same-sex or opposite sex. We want to focus on understanding female sexuality. Showing women in tune with their bodies. Portray the beauty of desire. Highlight a focus most importantly on female pleasure. It is all about the positive aspects of great sex. Better sex online. Sex that people can relate to and ultimately enjoy.

Sex on your own enjoying a sensual orgasm alone can be equally as horny. It’s a positive step that we show women enjoying masturbating. There should be more beautiful porn for women to help balance the vision of sex online. Supporting our health and wellness in encouraging sex and the pleasure it can offer.

In this beautiful adult movie, we see the lovely blonde Georgie Lyall enjoying her own body. Resting semi-naked on the bed, she slips her fingers into her panties, over her big tits, as she teases and arouses herself in a manner she enjoys. Using her fingers to massage and seductively arouse her vulva. Rubbing just above her clitoris in a gentle motion. Stimulating her body to engage in the pleasure and release of an orgasm.

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4 thoughts on “Woman enjoys having a sensual orgasm alone

  1. A lovely woman who is a pleasure to watch. A good relaxed scene, but I’m not sure who it is aimed at given the dialogue reference to her lover. Difficult for a male viewer (who wants her to say ‘you’) to identify with this scenario. How too should female viewer respond?

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