Couple enjoy sleepy late night fuck under the covers

This beautiful erotic film celebrates the comfort and intimacy shared in a romantic relationship when George returns in the middle of the night and treats his lover to some delicious welcome home sex.  

The opening scene is Silvia in a peaceful pose wrapped among her cosy bedding, sleeping soundly and dreaming of who knows what… Seeing someone in such a deeply relaxed state evokes feelings of safety, love and contentment. 

When her lover, George, enters to see her in deep repose, it is lovely to watch his face light up at the vision of his lover, her body soft and relaxed, the sensuality of sleep cocooning her. He can’t resist waking her with a kiss, an invitation for some welcome home sex. 

A gentle, seductive awakening quickly turns into couples fucking and exploring nocturnal pleasures. The perfect midnight feast, George crawls under the covers to devour his woman’s moistening pussy. Panties forgotten, our lovers make this a reunion to remember, lost in each other’s passionate embrace. 

A slow and sensual welcome home sex soft porn video, this scene explores the love and joy of intimacy and familiarity between partners during lovemaking. The focus is the bond of a couple deeply in tune with each other’s sexual responses and the joy of female pleasure. 

The way these two explore and enjoy every part of one another is not only sexy but very satisfying to see. Sex in a long-term relationship can be anything but dull and predictable. You have time to really get to know each other’s likes and evolve your sexy adventures. 

With the feeling of home, relaxation, warmth and safety, and the erotic excitement of finding your loved one nude under the covers, this erotic movie has it all. We are thrilled to bring George back after high demand for his superb films. 

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49 thoughts on “Couple enjoy sleepy late night fuck under the covers

  1. You could tell she was so much into him … the sexual performance was so raw and natural. Raw, passionate lovemaking as desired by every woman.

  2. George I love you. How can a man be this attractive. Perfect age. Perfect body.
    Wow how much pressure did he build at the 25:45 mark. George’s PC muscle and contractions must be otherworldly. Truely a specimen. Drooling watching this handsome hunk everytime.

  3. Such an erotic scene. Love her reaction during the climax. It’s so empowering to a woman knowing she can make a man cum like that. Such a turnon.
    Would be awesome to see this actor again in such type of scene.

    It would be amazing if some men could take him as a role model on how to treat a woman in bed.

    5/5 scene. Pure Art

  4. Need more scene like this with that actor. He is a legend. He looks like James Bond. Love more experienced man like him. Have him perform with some younger girls.

  5. Hot real like sex. 5 Stars This dude is straight up a monster in bed. Outstanding stamina. New fan

  6. I keep coming to this same video again. George is sexy. His cumshot at the end is so powerful. Absolutely lust for a man like him in my life. He is a real man. Sincerely Anna, thank you for introducing me to his films. It would be a real fantasy to see him in more scenes

  7. Amazing ! it would be really appreciated to know Georges’ secret to last so long and cum mmultiple times ! is he practicing a special trainig ? Any chance to get an interview of this outstanding man one day ?

  8. This is the best scene i have seen this year by far from any studios. Amazing work from Frolicme. Hard to find such incredible and devoted producers and performers as well.
    5 Stars scene from beginning to the end. Very nice setting. I can say on behalf of other fans we truly appreciate your films.

  9. Sensual scene. So many sex positions included. That Missionary part was so sexy. This type of porn is so female friendly.
    Love every bit of it. Spot on with the casting. Love love that male performer. He is the perfect man.

  10. George always puts the woman first. That’s why I love his scenes so much. Would be so amazing to see him more. He is the perfect actor for couples scenes

  11. This is one of sexiest film ever. Such a turnon. What a huge cumshot at the end. Any woman would feel so flattered if they made their man explode like this. Love when the performers talk to each other during filming. So intimate

  12. Amazing sex positions in this scene. George really pleasured her. Hope to see more of him in these type of scenes. He is the reason i was introduced to this website

  13. Female friendly sex scene at its best. Sexy man. Have a huge crush on him. Anna thank you for this scene

  14. TWO talkers and lusty conversation make this a super-hot show! Hot hot film for us, thank you all.

  15. Best scene of Frolicme in 2022. Really loved the performance. So sexy when they were talking to each other. George telling Sylvia he was close to cum was so hot. That missionary position. Hope we will get to see more scene of George.

  16. Thank you for this scene Anna. Really love that performance from George. He is so good. Hope you will keep making more scenes of him.

  17. Very sensual film, I liked how smiley Sylvia was and how intense, yet caring George was. Amazing stamina and satisfying finale. Bravo film team!

  18. Seeing the suggestion of George and Sybil…how about Silvia as well, to make a delicious threesome? And what if they did something really naughty with George’s first come too!!

  19. Thats one sexy man. No doubt Silvia really enjoyed the whole experience. Always fascinating to see an unselfish man who focuses on the pleasure of thier partner, making deep eye contact and making them feel wanted. Such a turn-on.

  20. A friend of time told me about George one time. She was telling me to check his scenes out about how he performs, his huge cum explosions and surprisingly enough his moans. Ah yes his sexy moans and groans. I have been a fan of this mature man ever since.

    He is so passionate and have deep chemistry with the ladies he work with.

  21. This type of sex can make any woman fall in love with you. WOW This man delivers on every front. He is an Eye candy.

  22. So much sexual stamina from that male performer. A true Woman pleaser for sure. This is no longer porn, its real sex. Will definitely “research” more on George ehmm for “reasons” lmao

    Danke Anna. xoxo

  23. Lustful film. Nice job from the team at frolicme. Very nice setting and production quality

    Great casting. One of the best male performers I have ever seen. He is a machine. No wonder he is in high demand. Most women would dream to get a man like him

    Thank you Anna.

  24. My new all time favorite scene on website. I have watch all the scenes of George on Frolicme. This once deserves all the awards. What a scene.

  25. The best actor performing on Frolicme for sure. His sexual stamina is something else. He is so handsome.
    More oh him please

  26. How does George manage this? What a guy. What a film. Silvia is so hot too. Love, love, love the come shots. And the final one…that was some ejaculation. Am I right…did his spunk hit the headboard? Impressive or what? How the heck does he do it? Something for the FrolicMe ‘how to…’ guide, dare I suggest?

  27. Love the multiple cumshots George produces throughout the scene, and the final volcanic eruption Silvia elicits from his cock is epic. What a great scene of sensual loving from mature adults. Super hot. Thank you!

    • I love everything that George is in. As a lot of folks here do. He’s so sexy and he makes his pleasure and his partners pleasure expressed which is such a turn on…especially for the hetero women watching, am I right ladies…he’s our dream lover in expression. If I’m in need of some self pleasuring I seek his videos out nearly every time. That man put me over the top within minutes. Silvia’s smiles and pleasure are felt in this film too..which is such a positive vibe..which also gets me hot as well. She’s genuinely sexy. They both are…so natural and not fake or put on. Love this one. Keep George coming and then so will I.

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