A slow sensual tantric massage of deep relaxation

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Welcome to the slow yet powerful and deeply erotic world of tantric sex in this intimate and incredibly sensual film. 

Sitting before one another, legs crossed, Nick and Venera take long deep breaths, uniting themselves in a steady rhythm. Tantric breathing aims to stimulate and unlock your sex organs until you feel arousal build within them. 

Venera guides Nick into his meditative tantric state, pressing her palms to his and rolling their arms together to the rhythm of their breathing. Moving into the non-penetrative Yab Yum tantric position, Venera and Nick hold each other gently rocking, their legs intertwined around each other’s backs in an comforting embrace. 

Maintaining the intimacy and connection formulated during tantric sex, Venera moves to embrace Nick from behind, stroking his body and aiding his inner relaxation. The purpose of tantric movement is to releases tension, helping you connect with your inner emotions and invite calm into your body. 

Pouring sensual oil over Nick’s back and thighs, Venera then strips so that her whole body can join the massage. Using her breasts to connect and deepen the intimacy, this relaxation becomes more erotic for both of our lovers. A breast massage becomes a pussy massage as Venera straddles her lover, gliding her supple naked form down the length of his back, buttocks then thighs. Gently grinding her pussy between his shoulder blades she can’t resist building the sensations in her own core as this slow gorgeously intimate moment continues. 

When Nick turns over to display his impressive erection for his lingam massage, it’s clear that this form of lovemaking is very arousing. 

This is a new feature not yet seen before on Frolicme. We hope you enjoy this erotic video inspired by the world of tantra, highlighting the health and sexual benefits of slow, sensual tantric sex, massage and inner meditation. 

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