Male fantasizes of lover in softly spoken video

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There is a rather inviting intimate feeling offered in this latest online erotic film. It mixes and plays with the sensual approach of softly spoken words together with the direct look to camera approach. You could say it’s an erotic ASMR video, as it creates its own rather personal private style, its own niche and takes on erotic filming.

Some people feel that porn films do not relate to them, they feel them impersonal and often they as the viewer they feel removed and disengaged from what is happening. The sexual arousal is then missed. Though that isn’t the case for all, porn is after all meant about fantasy. However, this ASMR sex video, with its personal whispered words focused directly at you the viewer, allow more of your senses to be engaged. It pulls you deeper into the scene and by doing so for some will trigger a stronger erotic moment and therefore pleasure.

It is an innocent film by many standards certainly in terms of physical engagement and action. Sylvan sits alone, his body relaxed against the door of his hacienda. He softly relates in the warm sunshine moments of pleasure he has enjoyed with his previous lover. He recalls his memory of her and their pleasure together, leading him to trigger his own moment of arousal which has grown strong while he chats, leading him to masturbate over his thoughts, pleasuring himself.

His words are softly spoken and gentle, his feelings intimate. The film overall has a sweet, tender innocent feel while we are drawn to his fantasy and reminiscing as he quietly sits and wanks his cock.

So sit quietly and enjoy. Remember, don’t expect crazed horny lovers, multiple orgasms, and heated physical sex, those are in the other films. This film is all about triggering our erotic sensual bone in a very different personal and intimate way.

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