Fun couple get down to some risky outdoor sex

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Looking for that ultimate location, away from any prying eyes can take some time to find. However the opportunity for some risky outdoor sex is always worth the challenge. Out on a glorious walk Rebecca and Jesus grab the chance for some spontaneous sex when far enough away from anyone to see. The benefits too are some glorious views to add that special meaningful moment. They don’t hang about, lust for sex already driving their desire as they expose each other quickly to the elements. 

Have you ever been tempted to throw caution literally to the wind and get down and dirty for some risky outdoor sex? It really can be such a thrill, especially if you’ve been discussing it for a long time with your lover… would you be daring enough to capture the moment if it presented itself? Would the fear of prying eyes catching you out be too much, or would the thought of a naughty voyeur watching your every move add to the wild sexy adventure. 

Rebecca and Jesus seem to lose their inhibitions immediately, only a quick glance here and there lets us realise this is a real moment of risky outdoor sex and there actually is a chance of getting caught. They retreat a little further inland under the very slight cover of a nearby tree to prolong their outside fucking. The location is just as stunning as their on screen action and sizzling chemistry. 

Outdoor sex can be so fun, but you have to be prepared for the elements. There is a very sweet moment when we see that our lovers are still wearing their trainers to protect their feet from the rocky ground on what has become a very hot hike indeed! 

We love finding the perfect locations for your viewing satisfaction. Please excuse the sounds on this erotic movie as due to the elements we had some difficulty with the waves and wind, and boy, it did make it rather challenging.

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