Passionate natural lovers enjoy fucking in the beautiful countryside

Can you imagine the glorious anticipation swelling through your body as you’re peddling your bicycle through the beautiful countryside on your way to meet your lover? Taking sweet sensual pleasure from the hard leather saddle bouncing and bumping against your body, arousal and wetness growing as you navigate your way through the rich ripening fields. The sun on your face and the softest warm summer breeze fluttering your dress. The scene is already picture-perfect for sensual pleasures. And that is only just the beginning.

Our passionate natural lovers, Antonia and Ricky have found the most idyllic and secluded tranquil spot nestled down by a lake. Ricky awaits his lover’s arrival making the picnic perfect, pouring the champagne, playing his favourite record, his excitement bubbling alongside his lust as he waits.

The glorious vision of Antonia smiling as she peddles to his embrace is dazzling. Their lust is already fired up and all thoughts of the picnic feast are cast aside in favour of some hot sensual sex and passionate kissing. These passionate natural lovers can barely keep their hands off each other, so hungry for connection and the pleasure they share.

Cute tennis shoes still on, Antonia lies back in the picnic blankets while Ricky feasts enjoying some pussy licking, still wet and excited from her bike ride. She can barely cope with the pleasures his clever tongue brings and writhes around with Ricky’s face clamped firmly between her thighs as the first of many orgasms tear through her.

Can you imagine a more idyllic moment than having the midday sun beat down on your naked body as you make love with pure abandon among the birdsong and sweet summer heat? We just adore the intimate connection these two lovers share and only wish we knew the exact location of this delightful spot down by the lake…

This is a beautiful and erotic film of glorious outdoor sex featuring two of our very favourite passionate natural lovers.


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  1. Beautiful. Totally, utterly, sumptuously, deliciously, gorgeously, exquisitely beautiful. Anna, you are brilliant. This is worthy of an award.

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