Lovers enjoy early morning shower tease and sexy fuck

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Cool water cascading over his tanned, muscular body, Nick’s seemingly innocent ablutions take a lustful turn when he catches the attention of his partner Milena who is reclining on the bed reading. She can’t help but lift her gaze from her book, drinking in the glorious sight of her very hot lover showering, the horny vision of his thick dick ignites her desire for some morning sex. 

Stretching out over the crisp cotton sheets, Milena’s pink lingerie gives flashes of colour to her pale complexion while her smooth porcelain skin glows in the soft ambient light. Turning in the shower to watch her, Nick continues running his hands over his body whilst his gaze takes in all of her gorgeous natural beauty. 

Enjoying the sensual tease of watching one another, Nick switches off the water and slowly dries his damp skin. His eyes never leave Milena’s as he drops the towel and crawls to the foot of the bed, kissing her delicate toes, his tongue travelling to her sensitive arches, coaxing her erogenous zones into craving morning sex. 

His mouth slowly rises higher up her toned legs and Milena’s head falls back, encouraging his explorations and pushing him to continue over the rest of her wanting body. 

Desire now coursing through her lithe frame, she melts into his expert tongue as he probes deep into her delicious pussy through her sheer panties.  

But she needs more, she needs to feel her pussy muscles wrapping and clenching around him, and they start to fuck, sensations building, climaxes rising… Morning sex is her favourite way to wake-up, and this is truly the perfect start to anyone’s day. With orgasms and glorious seductive kisses throughout, this is a beautifully romantic fuck. 

A sensual soft-core porn tease followed by some hot morning sex, we hope you enjoy watching this erotic adult movie

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