Beautiful woman enjoys a sensual earthy anal masturbation

This is a very erotic movie scene of a woman indulging in the pleasures of anal masturbation after a hard day in the garden. There’s something so very earthy and sensual about being in nature and Asha taps into this wild side of her womanhood.

A long green dress floats past the camera as Asha walks into the shot carrying a basket filled with fresh squashes. Walking towards the open windows, Asha places her bounty to the side and reaches for a water pitcher to rinse her hand-picked zucchini.

Running her touch provocatively over her phallic fruits, Asha’s thoughts naturally turn to sex. She takes her place on the oversized armchair and lets her eyelids flutter closed as she falls deep into her fantasy world. Teasing and seducing herself, she slowly opens the buttons on her linen dress to reveal a sparkling red lingerie set. Asha kneads and caresses her full rounded breasts, massaging them and sending sparks of arousal from her tightly beaded nipples straight to her clit. On and on, she teases herself, her fingers sliding under the red lace of her panties as she begins to rub her pussy, building layer upon layer of sensation and desire. Overcome with feral need, she rubs harder, faster and brings herself quickly to a glorious squirting orgasm, drenching her dress and the chair with her copious juices.

Far from satisfying Asha, this is simply an entrée to her solo sexual adventure, and this deeply sensual moment builds into a thoroughly erotic anal masturbation scene. Needing to fill both her hungry pussy and ass, Asha’s attention is drawn back to her garden goodies. Rolling a condom over her zucchini, Asha then lubes it up, preparing for a good hard fruity fuck.

We hope you enjoy this kinky anal masturbation movie featuring the erotic pleasures of double penetration wanking. Full of natural female pleasure, which includes squirting this is a beautiful representation of sensual, erotic anal sex.

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4 thoughts on “Beautiful woman enjoys a sensual earthy anal masturbation

  1. A beautiful woman fucking her own asshole moaning with pleasure makes a great video! Wish I was there.

  2. Am loving all these DPs. Worth adding a new category, perhaps? This one, though, is truly original and I’ll never look at a courgette in the same way ever again 😉

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