Natural lovers in bed enjoy sex for pleasure and intimate connection

It is important that we take responsibility for how we portray sex online and thereby help normalise healthy sexuality and female pleasure. More often the perception seems to be that sex isn’t for women, that the act is done to us rather than with us. Yet sex is one of the purest forms of pleasure we can share. So we love to ensure that we illustrate, as we do in this natural sex video, a caring balance between those involved and where women instigate and enjoy the naughtiness of the actions as much as their partners do.

In this earthy and beautifully natural sex video, Antonia is the first to wake in their simple motel room. Seeing her lover still sleeping next to her, she enjoys the sexual thought of arousing George under the covers. Smiling to herself, she slipes beneath the sheets to sensually stimulate his sleeping member, sucking his cock to his cheeky delight.

The joys of sleepy sensual morning sex begin and what a to start the day. George is fully erect by the time his eyes open, and it is a pleasant awakening indeed. These lovers embrace the intimacy and allow themselves to indulge in a good long sensual session to ease them into their day. We know that watching erotic movies and porn movie can really help build and boost our own libidos, so prepare yourself for some sexual cravings of your own while watching this all natural sex video to enhance and lift your sex life.

We are big fans of letting the loving unfold and just witnessing all the ways bodies can sexually entwine and bring so much physical pleasure to one another. Let yourself slide into the new day, relaxed, fulfilled and with that quiet knowledge of how it all began just a sexy memory away to recall whenever you feel like a sexy secret thrill…

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17 thoughts on “Natural lovers in bed enjoy sex for pleasure and intimate connection

  1. Explore this:
    My wife & I learned that sex is something you enthusiastically GIVE, not something you get. So it feels better every time and (reading stories like this) I constantly look for ways to pleasure her more intensely.
    We are still giving one another Top Ten sessions regularly!
    After 5 years, I’ve rarely entered her until she has at least 3 orgasms.
    Hint: Licking works best, but she came for me the very first time with clothes on, and just kissing.
    You have much to look forward to, we are nearly 70.

  2. This scene turned me on so much. The build up to the 23 minute mark onwards is heavenly.

    Such a beautiful Orgasm. This is female friendly erotic art at its best. Passionate and real lovemaking.

    Would love to see this male actor in a romantic scene in a pool.

  3. Porn made for woman. George is just wow. Thank you Anna. Would definitely orgasm so many time with a man like George. He knows how to please a woman

  4. Love, love, respect for each other, and giving the woman her rights. fulfilling her needs. The woman has unrealized needs the man must fulfil and bless her for her needs,. tenderness and appreciation for the needs of each other. this is the greatest need one earth, surpassing all other needs. think about it, the torment of loveless marriage or disrespect for one another.. how tragic is that? tender caring Love is the rare experience where callus contempt may exist. My thanks to the women willing to engage with an actor who may not her primary love relationship..

  5. The sex here is sensational. You can almost feel it. Brilliant. (PS did George REALLY cum twice? Astonishing if he did)

  6. This is the best FrolicMe Video ever. George Uhl is sensational. He commands the scene like a true master lover. He just doesn’t fuck, he makes love. This is not porn, but an experience. Every one will be jealous of her, but I am all glued to George’s captivating presence. Please have more romantic, passionate films starring THE George Uhl. He’s one of a kind actor, master master. Pure heaven.

  7. I have seen George in many sex movies and he always cums at least twice, which means I have the pleasure of watching him squirt in a longer movie. I’m very jealous of George as I have only ever managed to cum once per session, which suits the wife as she only cums once as well, but not me.

  8. George is my favourite. More of him please. Very sexy.
    This was a really good one. Will come back to this one again and again.

    • That what a man should do. That orgasm he gave Antonia was a thing of beauty. Love to see these type of movie which focuses on female pleasure. Anyone have idea if there will be more scenes with this actor?

  9. This is the best scene of 2021 hands down. George is so dreamy. Hope we will get more scenes from him over time

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