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Bath tub fun for female desire

As Suzanne’s lips met hers Nia lightly brushed a hand across her glistening wet breast. The water was warm and she could feel it gradually making its way through her stockings onto her legs, permeating her knickers into the aching darkness of her pussy. Her blouse was still dry though Suzanne was leaning back into her embrace now, her wet back darkening the material that covered her breasts. Reaching to the side she picked up a sponge and soaked it. Suzanne sat forward and briefly covered her breasts before smiling slightly and relaxing. With a squeeze of the sponge Nia ran warm soapy water down Suzanne’s slender back. Suzanne was trembling slightly as she moved the sponge round to the top of her chest and let the water run down over her breast. As she reached round with her other hand to cup her other breast, squeezing and tweaking the nipple, Suzanne gasped gently, writhing her body slightly in the water. She turned her head to look Nia in the eyes and held her gaze fixed as Nia’s hand went lower, beneath the surface and into the pleasure below.

Suzanne’s pussy was a whole new world to explore. But this was an unexpected journey for Nia. What was no longer an ordinary Saturday night had begun as normal with the two girls preparing for their very different evenings. Their agreement when sharing the apartment was that first rights to the bathroom went to whoever had the higher rated evening ahead. A first date trumped all and this was what Nia was anticipating that night. She’d had a shower, chosen her clothes and then surrendered the bathroom to Suzanne. Suzanne had been unlucky in love for some time, a string of disastrous blind dates after the end of a long relationship. Nia seemed to fall into one satisfying relationship after another and tonight she was starting the latest one. She’d already decided how the night was going to go and her light blouse with no bra beneath was going to make this very clear to tonight’s lucky guy. But earlier that evening Suzanne had opened a crack in Nia’s world.

She’d returned to the bathroom to grab her moisturising cream. Suzanne was running the bath and seemed slightly startled as she came in, trying to conceal something. Nia wasn’t going to leave without seeing what it was and after some cajoling managed to persuade Suzanne to show her that it was a large red dildo. After the giggling had died down and she’d wiped away the tears of laughter Nia took the rubber cock in her hands and gave its head a kiss. Suzanne looked slightly uncomfortable as Nia realised that this wasn’t a new toy. “Oh well” she said, “now he’s had us both!” and dropped the fake dick into the water. As she walked out Suzanne had said “well, it’s just me and him again tonight then.” Nia had turned and fired back “unless you fancy a threesome! A bit of lesbian sex” There had been an odd pause before Nia returned to her room.

As she dried off and started to apply her moisturiser she’d felt unsettled. She had found herself imagining Suzanne with the sex toy, using it to tease herself, naked in the soapy bath water. She heard the squeak of the taps being turned off and Suzanne lowering herself into the bathtub. As she rubbed the moisturiser on the inside of her thighs she was surprised to feel the wetness begin inside her. She ran her hands lightly across her body, trying to focus on how she would unleash her date’s cock later that night. Her hand... read the rest of this story please login or register to read the full story free.

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