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Erotic brunette masturbates in front of the mirror before being joined by her man

My mirror watches me. It watches how I feel and sees me touch myself. Masturbate to my reflection. My mirror sees it all and looks straight at me. There is no change to its composure. How I love to watch my special mirror and within it I see I come alive and aroused…the erotic stories it could tell.

I watch my mirror as I let my hands trickle slowly down my body. Touch my warm skin that is so soft and gentle. My soft flesh slightly hidden within my clothes ready to be explored. I let my trousers come undone, sneak some of my body away from its restrictions and be sought by my hands. As my fingers extend into my panties I can touch that warm sensitive skin that bulges about my pussy. Just a little pressure in the right place and I feel an instant connection inside. A little firmer rub, then circling my lips with my finger and more pressure again, hmm I watch myself, its naughty seeing female wanking before your eyes. I feel it deeper now.




A delicious pulse starts to build and I draw my finger down in the moist layers of my skin. Touching, sliding them in to damp, sticky folds and up to my clit. As I look at my mirror I know where my fingers are, just by the sense of their feeling. Head back, body relaxed, I tease my mirror and play to its vision.

My mirror stays watching as I lay on the bed just before it. I release my legs completely from all clothing, my thighs free to expose and part, the air fresh upon my growing wetness. My fingers plunge deeper within, the muscles of my body flexing and responding. Now firm, dominating moves, driving fierce friction into my pussy, replaces gentle touches. My actions are relentless, and I continue my pace....

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