Sexy woman plays the submissive female

Here is the highly anticipated follow on to my earlier erotic film  STRUNG UP staring the naturally beautiful and delicately submissive female Sabrina in her black lace lingerie, kneel in front of her man Alexei and then when she is requested she slowly and sensually takes his cock and gives beautiful blowjobs for his pleasure, enjoying playing the role of submissive female.

STRUNG UP sets the scene of this sexy two-parter, it gave us the mood of a pretty young girl tied up, waiting patiently to be with her man and should certainly be enjoyed before seeing SET FREE. It played on the pleasure he wanted to see her receive before he allowed her to enjoy him. To be pleasured while not able to reciprocate is so deliciously arousing for both and I wanted to play on that self-indulgent moment. While restrained she could do nothing but enjoy the sweet pleasure of all the sexual focus and deep energies played upon her as the role of submissive, in this very soft BDSM film. Here however the tables are turned, she is released from her bound ties and is set free to be able to enjoy the strong masculine torso and sexy body of Alexei and take great pleasure from enjoying the sensual moments of teasing his fabulous big cock and delight in beautiful blowjobs.

The pace is gentle and loving, it is not rushed. Plenty of time is given to each other in the manner of their arousing and playing. There is plenty of gentle seduction and desire shown in their touching and caressing. Sabrina clearly wants to taste her man and create the sensations that will keep his cock in the state of near explosion for as long as she can. Her tongue flicks around his cock and trails down tenderly building up the anticipation of his release. Ultimately their bodies fully entwine and they fuck each other over the table only after they each have been fully satisfied with their own indulgent pleasure of each other.

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