Elegant woman in vintage glamour masturbates with sex toy

An arousing erotic movie of the simple but very intimate pleasure enjoyed as this beautiful solo female masturbates with her favourite sex toy.

Her lovely dark brown hair is curled in her favoured vintage style, framing her face as she gently drags a smoke from a cigarette. We watch her full pink lips wrap wantonly around the end of her perfectly poised cigarette holder as she inhales slowly, taking her time. Finding herself with time to spare as she waits backstage, our leading lady’s thoughts turn to sex as she exhales, the smoke curling into the night air, and she makes her way back inside.

Nude beneath her long fur coat, Helina Dream carries a magazine and a mystery box as she walks slowly along the moodily lit corridor and takes a seat on the single leather chair before her. She places the box aside and allows her fur to fall open, revealing a seductive glimpse of a long gold necklace elegantly draped between her perky breasts. Running her fingertips over the magazine filled with erotic images, we wonder if a solo female masturbates within the glossy pages, inspiring Helina’s own actions as we, in turn, watch her. Her head tilts back, and our gorgeous woman begins to seduce herself with intent, caressing and squeezing her rounded breasts in a gentle moment of pleasurable nipple play.

Get lost in the moment with Helena as she remembers about her new toy and lifts it out of the packaging, manipulating it into the perfect shape and position to slide into her glistening pussy. She pauses to apply lube along the length of the vibrating shaft to ensure the smoothest glide possible at this moment.

We hope you enjoy watching this elegant film as a solo female masturbates with the additional stimulating benefit of her MysteryVibe Crescendo 2

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2 thoughts on “Elegant woman in vintage glamour masturbates with sex toy

  1. p.p.s. A few minutes in I, I imagined the sound person watching the needle go into the “red” every time the chair creaked……
    Look forward to the Christmas edition of the “out takes!” (Giggle) Helina came to your rescue!

  2. WOW, looks like NASA have bern involved. Hey horny hunny, NASA are going to the moon again. Why don’t we go to the “G-Spot 2!”. (There’s too many prequels on the go.)
    You could throw “Toy Story 6 in there too! “To Infinity and beyond the bend!!”
    Hope you have cut a deal with the vibe manufacturer! Wow, what next? VIBE-CAM?!!!!
    (Please God, after viagra, tell her my cock doesn’t do that…..)(giggle)
    p.s. Helina! You were great!

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