The beauty of sensual oral pleasure sucking your man

Capturing this act of fellatio and the sensual oral pleasure of a sexy blowjob is what this erotic movie is all about. Jennifer’s eyes sparkle as she enjoys feeling his hard cock in her mouth and is smooth and sensual as she plays her lips and mouth along and up his shaft. All for Ridge to do is to sit back and enjoy watching his girlfriend both pleasure herself and himself before he can’t hold back any longer and cums in her mouth. 

When we think of oral sex and the many pleasures it can offer both men and women, one particular pleasure that always springs to mind is that of the lorded blowjob. An act that defines the ultimate in the giving of oral pleasure to your male partner and is most likely the first physical activity you may think of when oral pleasure is mentioned.

That is not to say that it is all about the man and his personal tool, as many women find the art of giving such intimate sensual oral pleasure which is immensely erotic and deeply arousing. Just the sheer act itself administered mainly by the mouth is very personal and sensual. Then, of course, the knowledge that such an act of penis worship will drive your man to such hardened arousal is what turns a lot of women on. The sensation of a physical change is such a significant and undeniable sign of your man finding the moment very arousing and sexy which you and your partner can both share and watch together. Moist lips, wet mouth some fabulous naughty eye contact and plenty of appreciative sounds will add to the moment. Certainly, don’t rush, tease his big dick and change tempo as we see here with Jennifer and Ridge will add to both his and your pleasure.

However, the physical aspect is nothing unless acquainted with the element of your personal enjoyment and pleasure that makes this an erotic act you both can enjoy. It takes it from just a blowjob to a hot and very sexy blowjob. Taking your time to appreciate and enjoy is the ultimate key to a good horny blowjob.


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9 thoughts on “The beauty of sensual oral pleasure sucking your man

  1. Jennifer is a sexy and skilled lady, and this was an excellent demonstration of fellatio technique. Would have liked to have seen more interaction and eye contact between the couple given her loving completion of the job. A bit distracted by the hat.

  2. Jennifer exudes sensual chemistry with those eyes. I love to take my man really deep down my throat, right up to the bone, when I give my man his rewards and love doing it whenever & wherever possible. Especially when he fingers me & finds my tap and we both gush at the same time. Can we have a film with Jennifer doing this, please? With lots of cumshots in and around her mouth and face?
    Sabine D.

  3. absolutely awesome. As a women I love a very tastefully done and artistic cumshot in or around the mouth. A cumshot where the woman actually wants it and it is sensual. Not the 99% on the web where the man is basically jerking off in the women’s mouth. When my hubby comes in my mouth it is exactly like this.

    A few suggestions…..more artistic and big cumshots in all your films….if done right….they are awesome and us women love them.

    Second, I fantasize about a DP MMF, but goodluck on finding a sensual one of those out there……can you make one……?


  4. This film sizzles. Jennifer is just incredible. Please, Anna, can we see more of her in future films? When she made eye contact with the camera I just melted.

    • If I were lavishing this much scrumptious attention on my man, I’d surely like to hear from him—moaning, murmurs, oh baby, love that, some response from him??? During a great blowjob, please some response from the guy. I understand he orgasms but even that is subdued. Men who encourage and appreciate are sexiest in my mind. Especially in scene like this. Where is their connection???

      • Hello, thank you for messaging. I can appreciate your view of wanting more male responsive moaning. We do aim for real moments encouraging the models to behave in their natural way, some most definitely noisier than others. This is a real-life couple we have worked before and that is his personal behaviour, he’s just not a natural moaner.

        • Anna, maybe a lot of guys on this site aren’t that expressive. Some are yes, I know. No problem with focus on true female pleasure and a man putting his focus on pleasuring her. As Esther Perel says women tend to want to be the turn-on for themselves and their guy. Wished I’d see more of the guys truly connected. Ha! Maybe I’m way more spoiled in my love life than I realized! Thanks for listening. Find some guys who ARE more naturally expressive please:)) Don’t have to moan—talk, move, exude pleasure themselves:))

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