Lovers tempers enraged, their passionate desire driven to rough sex

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Fuck you! Tempers are flaring, fury is boiling over as this fiery couple launch into a fervent fight. Clothes fly across the room as Leanne finds anything to attack her lover, Steve with. Strutting back and forth in her gorgeous red lingerie, giving him the sharp end of her furious words, the atmosphere is charged and you absolutely know this is going to end in some passionate rough sex and a good old makeup fuck.

Fuck you indeed. The spirits in fiery people can enflame their arousal too. The need to dominate and control the moment takes rise in her excitement, suddenly grabbing Steve’s face with playful force. Leanne takes charge kissing him hungrily, holding him in such a primal way as she bears down onto his mouth. Her animalistic lust fuelling her desperation for some passionate rough sex. She has the power to turn him on, and as she does so, finds herself thrown down on the bed. Their desire, driven by sexual domination is played out with demanding force. Fuck me.

As the argument reaches its tumultuous climax, so too does their intense lust for each other and their fury turns to a raw carnal need to fuck right fucking now.

They both give as good as they get, launching onto each other, he fucking her, she fucking him, they can’t get enough of each other, they want to devour, own and conquer each other in this savage fuck of pure white-hot rage.

The beauty and tenderness come when they share that knowing smile, a look across the shoulder, a nibble at the ear, was this argument orchestrated all along to elicit some good hard passionate rough sex?

You can tell by the way their bodies fit so perfectly together that these are two intensely passionate people absolutely wild for each other and the incredible extremes of desire that can bring such a hot erotic fuck. This is an intense couples sex video.

Phew! Pass the hose, this erotic sex movie is on fire!

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