Female tease as she plays with herself

Oh so much slow female tease in this cheeky soft porn film. The pace is steady and sensuous, there is no rush and who wants to be. This offers you a few minutes to delve into her world of charm and pleasure.

The gorgeous pale and enticing Stella sits so calmly in her long grey coat but underneath she hides her body all so beautifully encased in silk and lace in this sexy lingerie porn. This intimate video is all about our lovely Stella, her body, her dark rich eyes and how she turns herself on for us. Watching us we see her loosen her coat to reveal more of her curves and body then takes us on a journey, a journey that sees her trailing her long elegant fingers up and around her body, so our eyes follow longingly.

As her coat slips off her, she continues to trail her fingers lower, rubbing the outside of her panties provocatively before us and ensuring she teases us with a little wetness dripped from her drink. Her gorgeous tantalizing smiles draw us in and we wait patiently to see what she has to offer. Finally she slips her pretty green and black silks to the side and flashes her perfect pale pussy before removing them altogether. Parting her legs wide, our naughty girl wants to enjoy the feeling of her fingers deeper inside, perching forward on her seat and rocking on them as they liven up her pretty pussy, arousing the sweet sensation while she works them harder.

Is it just us she is begging to see, or is there someone else she wants to see as she plays with herself in this self indulgent way? Watch and enjoy this pretty female masturbation film and see who she is really is showing herself to. After watching this film, enjoy the follow on with TAKE ME and see what Stella does next.

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