“Daisy, tell Ryan what you told me earlier,” Max orders. “Tell him what you think of him.”

Heat wells through Daisy, suffusing with the buzz she carried through the night. Her ears still ring with the music of the wedding. Her husband, Max, and his best friend, Ryan, still wear their tuxedos, and she’s still in her dress.

“Honey…” she says quietly. The heat reaches her face, the blush warming her cheeks. She wasn’t quite used to this hotwife sex, it still made her slightly nervous.

“Go ahead. You know you want to.”

She glances at Ryan, who looks a mixture of embarrassed and excited. He licks his lips, glancing away before thinking better of it and looking back.

“I said that I think he’s handsome,” Daisy whispers.

Max shakes his head before she finishes. “Not quite.”

He’s doing it again. Pushing. He’s always pushing. If this is what he wants, this is what he’ll get. She tosses her dark, brown hair, flicking her bangs from her eyes, and looks at Max. He shifts, and his discomfort helps her deal with her own.

“I said that I think he’s hot.”

She sees his own cheeks flush and his breathing grow shallow. Max is hot. She’s always thought so, always crushed on him. But while she fantasized, she didn’t need anyone else. Max was more than enough for her.

When Max admitted that he wanted to see her with another man, she was confused. Was he bored with her? Did he want to see other women, too? Was this some kind of test? It was months before she could wrap her brain around it. Months more when she felt comfortable telling him about other guys she found attractive. That they were hot. That maybe, if she were single, she could see herself sleeping with one of...

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