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3 thoughts on “Feminine collection of erotic lesbian photos

  1. I’d adore to see these two again, similarly attired. I love stradivarious2’s idea of a threesome. How about period costume? Perhaps it could be set in WW2. The girls are in uniforms. Perhaps the guy/s (if present) is/are too. What do you think, Anna? Whatever, these photos reflect meticulous styling, casting, lighting and photography.

  2. Elegant in the extreme. This gallery is a delight. The styling is spot on: fabulous clothes, lingerie and shoes; jaw dropping makeup. Anna and Eva are perfectly cast.

  3. Exquisite photography, and having seen the film, the gallery “plot” has a different but more seductive edge. It has the making of a “Threesome” and not necessarily MMF. Some of the bed scenes are very suggestive of there being some potential third-party involvement. Both Anna and Eva are absolutely delightful. This must be one of the best films you have made so far.

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