Lustful young couple enjoy a midnight city adventure and horny hotel fuck

A last-minute romantic trip away together, this weekend sex video features the gorgeous Charlie and Jimmy as we follow their late-night adventures through their crisp twinkling city.

Out in the cold of the night, with frosty air catching their breath, Jimmy can’t keep his hands off Charlie as he kisses her, enjoying shared intimacy in the quiet sleepy streets. Then, soon realising that they are mostly alone in the cut diamond evening, their passions quickly increase to raw horny need as they pull their bodies tight against each other.

Now craving more than just a kiss, Jimmy and Charlie rush back to the warmth of their hotel, roaming hands and tangled mouths slowing their steps as they fumble into the room for a hot rumpled fuck in the sheets.

Glorious sounds of clothing and shoes hurriedly dropping to the floor surround them as our lovers can’t wait to finally get their hands on one another. The chemistry is electric, all the cold night air now forgotten as the temperature inside rises quickly. Barely able to be apart long enough to pull off their remaining clothes, the charged passion that flows between these two is palpable. The best kind of weekend sex. You’ve made it through your working week to finally be alone, and now you’re making the most of every second.

Desperate to taste her lover Charlie takes out Jimmy’s cock and gives him the passionate blowjob they’ve both been craving, with her attention still focused directly into his eyes. Their gazes are locked as they fuck, lust, passion and connection rolling into one in this very hot and sexy portrayal of weekend sex.

A romantic stroll turns into a night of horny sexy desire; we hope you enjoy watching this weekend sex city break featuring Charlie Red and Jimmy Bud. This beautiful erotic porn film is sure to whet your sensual appetite.

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  1. Excellent nice surroundings hot guy and girl lovley underwear vv passionate and natural
    More similar please keep up the good work 🙏

    • Loved the energy!!! Beautiful build up as well really felt like new couple passionate city vibes

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