Sexy sunglass wearing blonde whispers intimately to us in this ASMR erotic video

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We all play on being the voyeur when watching the self intimacy pleasure of another person. It is something that we as humans find so appealing and arousing and we can’t help it triggering a certain sexual interest deep within us.

Watching this erotic movie of the gorgeous nude blonde and very dainty Sicilia as she slips into what seems a private moment as she thinks of her lover generates a personal self intimacy with us. Leaning back casually, wearing her sexy shades and bikini, she whispers quietly to the camera the thoughts that are running through her mind in a manner that is personal and secret. She offers us so much personal focused attention. We are allowed into her closed thoughts as she does so. It offers another moment of playing with the little known phenomenon ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response as she whispers quietly to us triggering in some a pleasurable tingling sensation.

Does she think he is there before her as she starts to touch herself or does she know we are watching and she is playing to us?

Those are thoughts you can have and let play upon your mind as you watch her self-pleasure and immerse yourself in this erotic video. The idea of her private thoughts running in tune with her personal masturbation is deeply stimulating.

As she talks her fingers begin to caress between her thighs and then slip deeper over her swelling pussy as she whispers more intently. Fingers caress, and stroke her lips before they penetrate and sink into her fleshy folds and awaken her sexual energy creating growing waves of sweet pleasure building inside her. She stimulates herself repeated as she thinks and whispers of her lover.

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