Sexy hotwife masturbates over photos of lover

The erotic thrill of playing with a cheating wife porn fantasy is one I am sure I will visit many times. So often the idea of capturing the moment of voyeurism porn, where the husband has the sexual thrill of photographing the action as it happens before his eyes, not only reaffirms what happened, but also so they can relive and share the fantasy time and again.

In this erotic film, the gorgeously voluptuous Nikki our sexy hotwife masturbates reliving the moment she spent so intimately with her new lover before her husband’s very eyes and now is left alone with a series of Polaroid’s.

Lying back in the same bed they had fucked like passionate lovers meeting for the first time, she can’t help but become emotionally and physically aroused as she flicks through the series of erotic images as they lay across her bed. Each one capturing such physical pleasure and intensity that it stirs her mind so intently that she allows herself to stimulate her body and masturbates as she looks at them.

Those horny thoughts surge through her body adding to her own personal moment. It seemed like only yesterday she was semi-naked being fucked in such a raw and physical fashion by such a sexy hot- blooded man. Little did she know at the time that her naughty husband would not only be watching his hotwife within the room but also recording the physical act for her to enjoy later. Even that thought heightened her solo pleasure knowing he was getting so aroused watching his beautiful wife take another man’s cock. Rubbing her clit in such a needy fashion the sensation reaches deep inside her, bringing her to the orgasm she had time and again at the hands of her unknown lover. These photos will be a constant reminder of the amazing few hours she had and the stranger sex neither she nor her husband will forget.

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