Romantic couple enjoy a sensual lazy morning together in bed

Prepare yourself for a delightful display of sensual, gentle sex between lovers who know how to please each other and set themselves up for the perfect day ahead. 

Delicious, fresh morning light shines into the stylish, elegant bedroom as Michael and Sofia sleep soundly. Pressed into the white cotton sheets, Sofia looks beautiful in her peaceful state as Michael quietly awakens beside her. Rubbing his soft morning stubble in the mirror, Michael leaves the room, his naked, bare bottom on show. Returning with a hot drink for Sofia, he gently rouses her with kisses and she stirs, a smile dancing on her sensuous lips. 

Lifting herself to meet him, Sofia gives us a glimpse of her beautiful soft breasts spilling from her vest top as Michael passes her a fresh coffee. Sofia relishes in this morning’s attention, settling back into her pillows while Michael lifts the corner of the duvet to peek at his lover’s magnificent body. 

Dipping his head under the sheets, his body follows as he finds his happy place between Sofia’s thighs. Clearly knowing exactly how to arouse her with an oral prelude to their natural, gentle sex, this is a glorious seduction. 

Sofia delights in Michaels’s morning pussy licking, putting her drink down to relish in her rising desire and arousal. White bedding crumples around them as Michael teases Sofia’s shaved pussy with a silver vibrator, pleasuring her clit with hot foreplay and a satisfying first orgasm of the day. 

As he sinks his hard cock into her satisfied, dripping pussy we know her first climax is most definitely not the last in this very sexy yet gentle sex session. Especially as he teases her aching clitoris with the tiny bullet vibrator while fucking her slow and deep, portraying natural, realistic sexual pleasure. 

Awoken for a morning of real, natural pleasure, complete with the sensual cosiness of sex in socks, we hope you enjoy watching the gorgeous Sofia Lee and Michael Fly in this soft porn movie

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