Redhead restrains and pleasures with blindfold

Finally, it was her turn. She sat back and stared at her conquest. A beautiful male specimen, whose name she didn’t know, and didn’t care to learn. Just perfect. He would represent all of the men who had done her wrong. She would have her way with him, as many times as she liked. There was nothing he could do about it—not being blindfolded and tied to a chair, naked in her flat. It was her BDSM sex fantasy. 

She ran her hands over her body, and between her legs. She was already aroused just thinking about what she was about to do to him…

For years she had been the one to never get what she truly wanted—from always being the bridesmaid and never the bride, to a long string of boyfriends that constantly let her down. Now it was work. She had been passed over for a promotion by her jerk of a boss for some supposed hotshot executive from another office.

No more. Not this time. She was getting what was due to her.

Maybe it was the four vodka martinis she put down before he arrived at the bar. Maybe it was the fact that she had simply had it once and for all, and it was time to get her share. It didn’t matter. When he walked in she knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted a night with a complete stranger, and she wanted it her way.

He was hunky. Not just muscular and good-looking, he had something else. He had swagger. Enough swagger that as soon as he walked in no less than three women approached him.

“Over my dead body,” she commented to herself.

Setting her drink aside she made her way over to him. Stepping her tall, red-headed figure in front of a tiny blonde, their eyes met. She knew he was interested, she could tell.

“Buy me a drink?”

She asked, but it was more of a command. He slipped some cash from his pocket and signaled for the bartender as the blonde stormed off. Five martinis in one evening might be a little much, but she didn’t plan on drinking this one. Not if things went as planned.

“Thank you,” she replied when the drinks arrived. “I was waiting for you to get here all night.”

He smiled. It was a pretty funny line, she thought to herself. Except she wasn’t here to make small talk.

“Here’s the deal. Tonight is your lucky night. Tonight you’re coming home with me.”

His eyebrows rose. She knew she had him lured… now it was time to reel him in.

“This is how it’s going to work. I live a few blocks away. I’m going to tell my girlfriends I’m getting an Uber home, and you’ll meet me outside. I don’t want you to say a word the entire time. You talk, and it’s all over. Got it?”

His eyes roamed her up and down. She felt her skin flush under her short black dress as he mentally undressed her. She glanced over his shoulder toward her friends. So far they hadn’t paid her any attention. She reached out and placed her hand on his arm, feeling his biceps through his tight shirt. God, she was already so wet.

“Please, just give me this one,” she begged quietly to herself.

He slowly nodded.

She stood up and rejoined her friends. “Well, I’m calling it a night ladies. Got an Uber on the way.”

“Already? The night’s barely started,” her girlfriend protested.

“Yeah, well, after today I don’t feel much like partying.”

Her friend’s eyes immediately softened. “Oh, I’m sorry. Sucks about that promotion. Text us when you’re home?”

“Always.” She turned and quickly departed, before she lost her nerve.

Despite the...

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