Couple enjoy a passionate meet in a car to continue their illicit affair

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The unexpected shower storm doesn’t stop these lovers in their hastened opportunity to meet up in their parked car for some real passionate sex. Waiting anxiously as the rain drums on the windscreen, Alexis taps her perfectly manicured nails on her steering wheel, building anticipation as we join her, our curiosity rising as we wonder who might come along. Alexis peers through the constant rain, scanning her surroundings becoming more and more impatient to see her lover, she checks and rechecks the mirrors, adjusting her hair and applying yet more shocking red lipstick to try and fill the time.

We soon make out a man running to the car and we are instantly drawn into their obvious sizzling chemistry as he jumps into the passenger seat. Their lips meet, passionately kissing and they are ravenous for each other, joining in a feverish embrace as the rain bears witness to the beginning of some real passionate sex. There is a delicious sense of intense, frenzied need and desire as our lovers consume each other, struggling to kiss with enough meaning and depth in what seems like a small window of opportunity.

We sense there is little time in this planned encounter, it’s a hurried, fevered moment, but what time they do have they intend to make full delicious use of.

Their intensity is lifted by some moments of shared laughter and obvious deep affection as the two begin to caress and feast upon each other’s body. They are clearly familiar with how to pleasure the other and quickly get down to the sexy business of fucking. Alexis is hungry for her lover and devours his rock-hard big cock, making space in the front seat of the beautiful vintage Silver Shadow – Spirit of Ecstasy indeed as she then lies back in the creamy leather to have her own lustful needs tended to by her lover’s expert tongue.

A truly gorgeous example of some real passionate sex between two people who adore each other when they maybe shouldn’t.

By the end of the erotic sex movie, the storm has passed leaving sultry sunlight cascading through the forest beyond, the two lovers share the joy and hilarity of finding their clothing and hurriedly parting to go about their separate lives.

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