Curvy brunette in bikini masturbates watching her man

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Our gorgeous curvy brunette Natty just can’t help herself when she glances down to see her man stripped off from the waist down as he decides to work his muscles. Lying before her in a casual moment one sunny afternoon, Juan’s beautifully tanned body ripped to perfection oozing masculinity as he starts to workout his abs in a series of sit-ups and crunches. Taking his time as he lies out on the grass, his headphones on he doesn’t realize at first that her gaze is fully focused on his body. Every crunch and move perfecting his body even more and highlighting his athletic torso that she finds so arousing. The vision delights our curvy brunette further and sends her into a horny state of sexual pleasure, leading her hand to slip into her bikini she begins to masturbate while continuing to watch from her chair.

Not only does his skin start to glisten in the heat from his exercise so too does her body heat up, the pleasure of her fingers playing with her pussy as she idolizes his sexy body. It doesn’t take long before his glance captures her action and he moves to position his eyes so he can take in the full scene of her fingers plunging deeper into her pussy. Angling her body and legs so he gets the full image of her sexy body playing, teasing and masturbating before him. Knowing how turned on she has he continues to flex his muscles before her as her eyes knowingly play to him.

In a final moment of cheekiness, he gets up, strips fully before her before venturing into the pool to cool himself down. Its only at this point does she get up close to him to let him find ways to cool down her pussy and delights her with the orgasm she craves with his tongue.

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