Topher Taylor

Topher Taylor is an award-winning sex educator and brand manager for Clonezone, the world’s biggest gay retailer. He has more than eleven years of experience in the adult industry; as a result, he’s somewhat of a ‘sexpert’, and can talk extensively about everything from porn and sex toy maintenance to industry trends and the benefits of using social media as a platform to discuss sex education.

Not only does Taylor discuss sex in a light-hearted, accessible way, he works consistently alongside journalists and editors to share his message of sex positivity with a wider audience.

Topher Taylor

Author's Articles

How to use cock rings – tips & tricks

Cock rings don’t always get the best rep, and it’s usually because people are misinformed on how to use them, which one is right for them, and the purpose of their functionalities. Originally developed to be used as effective erection aids, cock rings were made to squeeze the base of the shaft (and sometimes testicles) to hold all blood...

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