Amy Norton

Amy Norton is a sex blogger, online sexuality journalist, adult product reviewer and erotica writer. She runs her own site, Coffee & Kink, see website link in profile, and has written for platforms including Lovehoney, Sex Tech Guide, Kink Academy and many more. Amy identifies as a queer feminist and a polyamorous swinger. She lives in the UK with her primary partner and frankly ridiculous collection of vibrators.”


Amy Norton

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Playing alone: self-bondage and other solo BDSM ideas

When you think of kink and BDSM, you probably think of it as a partnered activity. It’s certainly true that some kinky activities require a partner, or are at least easier with another person involved. However, this probably applies to far fewer activities than you might think, there are plenty of solo BDSM ideas to be enjoyed alone.  But what...

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