Oli Lipski

Oli Lipski is a sex tech researcher and sensuality strategist. Since graduating from university with an Undergrad in the History of Sexuality and a Masters in Sexual Dissidence, she has navigated her way through the emerging sex tech industry, working to smash taboos, enhance pleasure and uplift marginalised voices. She has worked with sex-positive brands in marketing and communications including MysteryVibe, SEXTECHGUIDE, WISP, Sonder & Beam and Beducated.

Oli Lipski

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How pleasure apps are changing the way we learn about sex

Pleasure. Intimacy. Self-love. Creativity. Exploration. What are the chances that these words are associated with your memory of sex education in school? Unlikely. Sex education, if you even received any, is typically centred around contraception and the prevention of pregnancy and STIs. Of course, these are essential topics, but isn’t it odd that pleasure—something that brings humans joy—is considered...

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