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My journey to this point in some ways has been a little by accident. I didn’t necessarily see myself stepping into the world of adult entertainment, and I wasn’t from this industry. However, the more I viewed from the outside as a female watcher and the other half of a long-term couple, the more I felt it was missing so much of what I wanted to see, what I felt was sexy and erotic.

My approach, therefore, has been very much through female eyes as well as refreshing and honest. I realised I had an opportunity to create beautiful arousing sex online, where sex was respected, consent was key and female pleasure was at the heart. I wanted to create tasteful, socially acceptable sex, take a positive approach to how we portray sex online and ethical porn and create porn for women that could be enjoyed with our partners. Sex is so often taboo, yet it is so important to our wellbeing, our sense of self and our relationships.

How could we fill the internet with so many incredibly erotic and stylish images, imagery that exuded a certain sex appeal, but when it came to the world of adult films, we debased sex and removed all sense of the erotic. Why cheapen sex when it is so valuable and appealing to so many of us, and an essential factor for relationships and our health and well-being? So rather than keep looking for my style of erotic, I decided to create my own, and what you see here is my style and genre of online adult erotica. I wanted to show adult films that play on erotic passion and desire, those movies that offer a good dose of horny temptation, great chemistry and hot bedded longing and yes …. with lots of gorgeous kissing and delicious fuckery.

So you could say that I stumbled into this with my passion for visualising deliciously sexy fantasies. I can honestly say that I never thought in a million years that I would find myself here, in this situation, but when you set your mind to it, there isn’t anything you can’t do. My erotic pleasure platform, I do feel, now speaks for itself, and my nominations for my beautiful erotica and erotic films is growing by the year.

So here I am, enjoying the opportunity that has presented itself. Yes, it has been tremendous hard work pulling it all together and reaching a point when I could present my vision of erotic content to the world. I hope not to shock in a negative way, that is not my intention although I do admit to enjoying some rather more explicit imagery but only ever revealed in a beautifully feminine way. However, this is a site for adult eyes only, and I am careful that nothing too graphic is seen until a personal membership is entered onto the site ensuring only an adult can view anything further. I do hope the erotic films and creative visions will bring you lots of personal pleasure, I have enjoyed so much, just in the making of them.

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Loves Anna xx

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