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Two girls get naughty in this lesbian erotic short story

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Felicity came back into the room carrying two glasses of wine, but when she saw me she paused and flung them aside. I noticed her pupils dilate, her breasts rising and falling with each breath. While she was gone, she had unbuttoned her fur coat, and the realisation that she had been wearing nothing but a bra and panties beneath it the whole time made me wild with desire. Peepholes in the bra left her nipples visible, standing hard and proud, as the “F” motif on her choker pulled against her throat. I shifted uncomfortably as she drank me in, acutely aware that I was on display for her too, nothing more than sheer black satin underwear hiding my pussy, my nipples. Was it possible that she felt genuine attraction to me? Or was it just for show? Could she have trained herself to appear so aroused? All I knew at that moment was that I wanted her, desperately, in a way that no man had ever drawn from me. My stomach clenched and turned, knowing that I was about to get my wish, wondering what it meant. “Did you need much advice from the ambassador?” She asked. I shook my head as she crossed the room and flung her arms around me. *** “Come in.” I took a deep breath as I held the door handle, calmed my stomach. If I didn’t present myself well, that would be it. No second chances. The office was large, opulent, all green leather and dark oak. The ambassador sat behind his desk, which was empty except for a single envelope, an intercom and half a glass of what could have been water or vodka. He was a balding man in his mid thirties, though handsome in a traditional way, much like my…


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