Solo female masturbates before her date

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Sitting on my grey chair looking into my mirror, I am alone, but not in my thoughts. I allow my hands to caress my skin and awaken my yearning as he would, my fingers trail across my body, my mind arouses all my senses and I yearn to feel that pleasure again. I think of nothing else as my clit starts to pulse and ache, a feeling combined with my lips, which moisten as they swell and bulge with pleasure. This is my naughty, dirty solo, my female masturbation story and the pleasure is all mine. How do I allow myself such indulgence, a certain girl as I am? Is it right that I feel so aroused that I tare at my clothes to touch and feel my body. But I have never enjoyed such intense pleasure on my own, as I did that morning. Such a toxic combination of memories, lust and physical sensation, I let go of what seemed right, and allowed my indulgence to wash all over my body with such a strong sexual urge. Rushing to get ready one morning just in time to meet him, I don’t seem to concentrate so much on my dressing but focus too much on my beautiful tights…  slipping my hands carefully into each leg. I begin stretching the fine mesh of fabric over my delicate fingers before inserting each foot carefully in, allowing my toe, foot and thereafter my leg to ease themself into the structure of my fragile hosiery. Fine, sheer, they fall and cling instantly onto my body, bringing shape and smoothness to my long limbs. Ah, I admit my legs do look good in them, I love to feel the texture on my skin and see the effect they give me. Running my hand and fingertips up the…


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