Gorgeous lesbians have sex in the kitchen

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Read about the enjoyment of another girl’s company in this lesbian sex story. The evening already had been such a giggle; catching up on so much news I felt I had missed since the last time we were together. A simple evening just the two of us but we hadn’t stopped laughing and giggling and of course the wine flowed as it always does allowing for more relaxed banter and discussion of a horny nature. Standing as we were in the kitchen I couldn’t help catching a moment as I looked at my pretty friend, I felt as if I was looking at her with new eyes, seeing something a little different maybe. It was just in a split second, nothing more, but in that time I felt a little too aroused, or was it merely all that wine flowing faster through my body. With such naughty banter you can’t help but feel giddy and carefree, and watching her in the way she laughed her relaxed demeanour, she cast off a radiant glow revealing the little wild spirit hidden deep inside her that I loved to see. That too elevated my spirits and relaxed my thoughts. I watched as she reached in to the fridge to get a little more wine, ensuring we kept our glasses topped up and clinking while our night continued. As she did, I found myself feeling a little more aroused and playful and without any thought I touched and held her arm to help steady her as she swung the door shut. An innocent movement but in doing so and making that physical connection I felt a spark of excitement. I wasn’t sure why, but I did. I felt it was more than something, I felt my wild spirit getting a little tweaked. Our bodies…


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