Couples erotic story of their spontaneous lovemaking in the kitchen

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Saturday morning, Mark and Jasmine (a couple with a son) are texting:

[early a.m.]

Mark: Hi Jaz.  You OK? Just got to the rugby club.  Great news. I don’t have to take Sammy to the away match.  Will’s dad offered to drive them both. I said YES. So we are home alone this morning. Ideas?

Jasmine: Want me to bake something?  I’m brewing some coffee.

Mark: Nice. Any other ideas?

Jasmine:  Like??


Jasmine:O I see where you’re going …

Mark: Christen the new kitchen !!

Jasmine: I sense an occasion to wear black and cream lingerie you bought for my birthday!

Mark: Yess!!  I have a special request …


Mark: Wear that jumper of mine you always borrow.  Over something, I can unbutton. I plan to go down on you for a loooong time.

Jasmine: Yum! Your reward for that – a mega blow job!  Then take me on the counter.

Mark: What??  Not worried about taking care of the work surface?

Jasmine: Fuck that!… just fuck me on it!

Mark: I really want to take you from behind.  You don’t know what your peachy ass does to me!

Jasmine: Oh, I like doggy IF you’ve really got me in the zone with your talented tongue.  And lots of kissing, deep meaningful kissing.

Mark: Yeah – like the kissing.  A lot.

Jasmine: Oh I have plans for you! But we must clean the counters and floor afterwards.

Mark: O you and your new kitchen…

Mark: Be ready when I get home!! xx

[Jasmine waiting in the kitchen – a little later]

So, after that text exchange, I was hotly anticipating Mark’s arrival home.

It had started as a typical Saturday morning: a rush to get Sammy ready for his match, a mad scramble to get him into rugby kit and down to the school.  Lie-ins are a thing of the past... read the rest of this story please login or register to read the full story free.

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