This encounter happened years ago, but it still gets me wet thinking about it. It is usually what I’m thinking about on cold, rainy nights when I’m beneath my thick down comforter, squeezing my thighs together as I finger my clit; rubbing it harder and faster in the hot, moist darkness beneath my covers. The only sound, the rain on the windowpane. It was 8 o’clockish on an autumn night in the city. I had just finished an after work, light dinner and drinks session with a girlfriend. She had filled me in on the latest drama of her love life and I had talked about work and my life as a woman settling into married contentedness with a solid, trustworthy, and adorable man. I remember that we sat close together in the booth, so that our legs were actually pressing against each other. It’s funny the things you remember. The restaurant was just a couple of blocks from my apartment....

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