Would I, could I?

Yes my mind was racing thinking of where our conversations had gone, I was still somewhat blown away by where they had all led. Particularly as it all started with my rather naughty indiscretion in the first place. I instantly thought of other couples we knew, one can’t help comparing, and wondered if they ever even dreamt of having the same discussions let alone having the same view.

I was actually starting to think about it. My fun in its sexual context to date was pretty tame, well ok not by everyone’s standards, and I was not sure how much more I was truly after. My fun I suppose one could say was slightly more fanciful, teasing, flirting, nothing too heavy really, sexy and erotic yes! Well lets face it, it had been along time since I had ever been with anyone in the full sense. But here I was faced at my fabulous age of 40+ seriously thinking about what it would be like, and in the full knowledge that my husband wouldn’t ashew me for doing so. Surely it can’t get much better or exciting that that. For most people it was a very large pink ticket! But all well and good it was but talk at the same time and that can be a bit me. Wow did I actually have the confidence to do it? Would I, could I actually have sex with another man? Ahh!

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  1. Good luck on your journey. There’s more fun to be had over forty than there ever was before it. Confidence and a more open imagination. Oh, and far less guilt! Velvet Tripp. Find us on our journey at Deliciously Deviant (below)

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