What the girls really chat about …

We girls love to chat about our fantasies, well certainly in a discreet manner over a few little drinkies with our friends. Ever the case, conversations would eventually spiral back to those more saucy topics of a sexual nature. There would always be a variety to the discussions, whether about some hottie in the gym, the meeting of a gorgeous delivery guy, through to the thought of sex with a random stranger, none of us were devoid of those thoughts and desired attentions.

Failing that there were always the books of course fuelling our minds. Can’t think of anyone who hasn’t grabbed Fifty Shades of Grey just to know what all the fuss was about and then enjoy sharing their opinion as if Anna was a friend of theirs. Sometimes I was even surprised to hear from some less suspecting girlfriends on how they lusted after an affair. In their head of course, knowing that it wasn’t something they could easily entertain in their life, but the fantasy was strong and desired. Wild clandestine meetings, the sex shrouded in mystery and risk. Indeed, men may be the more sexual preditor in life but I firmly believe, certainly from my chatting with the girlies that women have incredibly active and sometimes wildly naughty minds when it comes to sex. Its just whether they have to chance to fulfil those dreams is another thing. Opportunities don’t always present themselves and there are still the other delicate issues of married life which cant be taken too lightly. In our minds we wanted to be taken, seduced, kissed and tantalised by some gorgeous man. We had visions of instanteous passion, desire and animal lust. Tied-up, blind folded and just simply had. And all these thoughts racing through our minds, certainly they were loud and strong in the 40’s camp.

Behind all these chats, I already knew that I had taken a few more steps along this road, than many. Still keeping it close to my chest, I couldn’t help thinking, maybe I could play out some of these fantasies for real. My goodness how exciting that would be. Maybe one day I could be tied-up and seduced by a complete stranger.

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