What a revelation!

My husband seemed to be genuinely turned on when I chatted about my naughty moments with my Frenchman. What is it in some men’s minds that remove the issue of destructive jealousy and over possessiveness to that of erotic fantasy. A much healthier way forward for sure but it isn’t in all of us. The thought of his wife being pleasured by someone else was something he was finding deeply arousing. The act itself he could visually enjoy. That said, I realised that where I did cause the harm was keeping it to myself, but I suppose I was somewhat naïve as to where it was all going.

Yes, I can see you all thinking … so what next? Well he did then openly admit in our greater honestly and frankness, that he wished he could have been there to see me enjoying myself and that …….yes, he would love to see me with another man! Holy smoke! Is that something many married couples discuss? Oh I would love to know. How unusual is that or maybe not so? I know we have a very strong, deep friendship, always have maybe that helps enormously to provide needed security. I know we work so well together, we fit so well. But I realised he was not only saying he found it all erotic and exciting but that he was confirming that there is a possibility here that I could actually have fun with another man. Can you imagine? What an exciting prospect….

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2 thoughts on “What a revelation!

  1. I noticed that about 2 years ago, after having been married to my wife for about 12 years, I like the idea of watching another man nail her. We both fantasize now about her being f*cked by a man with a huge cock. Watching it slide into her while I beat off. Yep, turns me on. And I used to be the jealous type!

  2. I think you’ll find it more often the case than you’d expect! Swinging is certainly not for everyone but if you have the trust and honesty there it’s a good start! My husband loves watching me with others and I love sharing him as well! You learn a lot, have fun and jealousy never enters into it. We both know there is no one else we will ever spend our lives with, everything else is just pleasure! 🙂

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